Halim Choueiry: 
an Alien to the Opposite Sex
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Halim Choueiry is a Lebanese graphic design professor and practitioner based in Qatar. Halim co-created and designed Comma, the monthly pan-Arab graphic design publication, between 2001 and 2004. Choueiry went through ArabAd’s 30-seconds very lightly, and sarcastically of course, Halim’s most remarkable features. Below is this speedy interview with the designer who has given up on trying to understand the opposite sex, among other things.


"Who Am l?... Another LOST ONE!"


What kills you most? 


What gets you up in the morning?

My students.

What happened to your childhood dreams?

I am still dreaming.

What distinguishes you from others?

My nose.

What do you need most?

To stop thinking.

Do you think that anyone can become an artist?

Everyone is an artist.

Where are you from?


Do you feel your situation is enviable?

Depends on which situation?

What have you given up on?

Understanding the opposite sex.

What do you do with your money?

Spend it...I guess.

What moves you?

My legs.

What are your favourite pleasures?

The simple ones.

What would you like to receive for your birthday?

That is a hard question...

Name three living artists that you hate most?

Me, myself and I.

What or whom do you defend?

Sorry! What was the question again?

What are you capable of refusing?

Anybody and everybody.

What are you capable of doing in the name of love?

The three letter word.

What are you blamed for?

For being born.

What does art bring to you?

Did I order room service?

Who do you think you are?

Another lost one.

What drives you nuts?


Write your own epitaph?

I want to be incinerated.

Under what form would you like to come back as?

I don’t want to come back.

Why did you choose visual communications?

It was a mistake.

Who is the woman of your dreams? honestly!

I am not married, you see.

What is your philosophy in life?

Depends on the occasion.

What is the most important thing in your life?

What was the last book you read?

Senses of Place: Senses of Time by Ashworth and Brian Graham.

Do you like animals?

Depends on the specie.

Talk to an alien.

I thought he was being asked questions.