Aspiring Arab Social Media content creators rush in submissions to ‘Sadeem’ digital competition
Posted on December 28, 2017

Following the recent launch of ‘Sadeem’, the Arab world’s biggest digital competition and series, thousands of aspiring social media content creators from all around the region have already submitted their applications aiming to take part in Sadeem’s exciting journey of discovery, creativity, digital growth and content creation.

Today, and until January 31st, aspiring Social Media content creators have a chance to participate in this world-first competition by sending their own engaging self-introductory video to the jury via Sadeem website. The most engaging and creative videos highlighting charismatic personalities will advance through the following stages of the competition.

Candidates’ submissions mark the kickoff of the first phase of Sadeem, before an all-star panel of influencing judges sift through the thousands of applications received and filter them down to a hundred, during the second phase of the competition.

“It’s really exciting to witness the first stage of the competition, as now is the time when we get a stream of content from candidates and have our first ‘face time’ with our future contestants. It is also great to get a glimpse of how the show might evolve based on the submissions we keep receiving. If you feel like you have what it takes to become the Arab world’s next digital superstar, then now is the time to step forward and show us your social media talents,” Kuwait’s digital sensation and Sadeem Judge Shuaib Rashed said.

Kareem Esmail, a leading Egyptian content creator and one of Sadeem’s judges, believes that the first phase of the competition is thrilling.

“In the thousands of video submissions we have received, there are a number of young and hopeful Arab youth setting out on their journeys to success, while inspiring millions of others along the way through meaningful content. As one of Sadeem’s judges, I am personally delighted to be a witness to the unfolding of tomorrow’s ambassadors of positive impact and hope. It is always exciting to watch, and maybe try to guess, who among all these candidates has the power to create changes they want to see in the world, and become Sadeem’s first winner as a reward,” Kareem commented.

As for Tima Shomali, Jordan’s Youtube celebrity and the show’s co-host, she can’t wait to find out who the judges will choose to advance through the competition’s first phase and get one step closer to the prize.

“It’s inspiring to see how many aspiring Social Media content creators there are in the Arab world and how confidently some of them believe that they can be Sadeem’s ultimate winner and the region’s next social media celebrity. Everyone who believes they have a chance to be a part of this amazing experience, learn valuable social media secrets and strategies, and potentially end the journey with a trophy, should definitely send us their introductory video now, while the door is still open,” Tima pointed out.

Shuaib and Kareem will join forces with Kuwait’s influential fashion blogger Ascia Al Faraj and Algeria’s popular online satirist Youcef Zarouta to form the competition’s eminent panel of judges, while Lebanon’s king of velfies Issam Merheb will partner with Tima in hosting the show.

After registration ends, the Sadeem judges will pick the top 100 applications that will be whittled down to 20 contestants in a series of follow up interviews and deep vetting of their online personas.

The chosen 20 contestants will then meet to undergo a challenging bootcamp supervised by the judges, aiming to test the contestants on a wide range of skills and competencies. This two-week period will allow the judges to pick their favorite nine contestants that will make it to the Sadeem Hub.

The Sadeem Hub is an innovative space where budding Social Media content creators will gather to follow a carefully crafted program designed to enable their content creation aspirations. They will attend sessions held by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter amongst other experts, challenging them to create weekly content on which they will be judged by both their audience and our jury members.

And finally, three participants will advance to the next round where they will have to showcase all the skills they learned throughout the show.

The show will culminate in a Live Finale, broadcasted on all digital platforms, where the Sadeem winner will be crowned and win over 1 Million Riyals in addition to several trips one of which will be to the headquarters of all major digital platforms in San Francisco.

And to follow the show in real-time, Sadeem will broadcast daily and weekly episodes on Social platforms where viewers from across the Arab world can tune in on the action!