Cheil Unveils New Global Positioning
Posted on February 18, 2016


Cheil Global Network has rolled out a new positioning across its entire network around the strapline “The Network Built for Now".

Inspired by the Korean word “tu:hon”, which has no direct translation to English, the new identity, developed by London-based design consultancy Johnson Banks is meant to reflect “Cheil’s growth as a network of specialist agencies, that embody both the entrepreneurial spirit of its origins in Seoul and its place in the Asian tech revolution."

Cheil’s new positioning is also designed to convey that the network is the youngest in the communications business, configured to meet current clients ever changing needs rather than conforming to a 20th century network model, built through geographic replication and broadcast media needs.

“The Network Built for Now” identity is said to be designed for the digital age. It animates to reveal the specialist agencies within the global network before resolving with the positioning statement. It's also intentionally designed to accommodate future specialisms, something Cheil says is inevitable given the ever changing nature of how people engage with brands.

The new positioning also reflects the continuing evolution of the Cheil network, following the acquisitions of McKinney, The Barbarian Group, BMB, MDLab, Pengtai, BravoAsia and iris.

Cheil’s positioning is intended to strengthen the network’s reputation for specialisms in brand communications, retail, innovation, social and design.

Aaron Lau, the President of International at Cheil Global Network, said: “We’re lucky enough to be building the first network built for now. That means we’re not encumbered by where the industry has been or sustaining hundreds of traditional offices; instead, we can focus on what clients need in this day and age".

Malcolm Poynton, the Global Chief Creative Officer at Cheil Global Network, noted: “The industry is obsessed with getting to grips with technology and the optimisation of everything. We're fortunate to have technology in our DNA allowing us to be obsessed with creating ideas that move people and in return, our clients' businesses. The collaboration between our speciaslisms means we're always finding innovative ways to do this"