CNN launches new daily news show for Snapchat: ‘The Update’
Posted on August 24, 2017

CNN, who has been on the Snapchat Discover platform since its launch, has recently unveiled “The Update” – a brand new daily Snapchat show that provides a rundown of the biggest news from CNN reporters and bureaus around the world. CNN will provide a daily show that runs at 6:00 pm ET, and produce breaking news segments. 

This move is a perfect example of how a major media company is not only utilizing but also moving towards social platforms.

“We are introducing our brilliant cast of world class anchors and reporters to a young audience in a smart, accessible way with ‘The Update,” said Samantha Barry, CNN’s Executive Producer for Social and Emerging Media. “In today’s news environment, people are hungry for news and they want a quick update of where things are at within one tap of their phone. So, we're serving that up, speaking their language and delivering it in beautiful, vertical, mobile friendly video.”

“The Update” will serve as the home of CNN content on Snapchat’s Discover platform. Reporting will be hand curated by editorial and design teams and programmed in the same tappable, swipeable, vertical video format that millions have come to enjoy. Now Snapchatters can get the news from CNN’s most recognizable faces who will report on Snapchat as they do across all of CNN’s connected platforms.

Snapchatters can find “The Update” in the Shows section of their Stories pages and subscribe for easy viewing.  

Snapchat launched Shows as its third content format as part of its Discover platform one year ago, and has since been working with leading TV networks and entertainment studios to bring premium mobile-TV like content to Snapchatters. To date, nearly 25 total series and over 200 episodes of those Shows have aired on Snapchat. Over 88 million unique viewers have tuned into these Shows, spending a collective 22 million hours watching. There is currently over a Show a day on Snapchat -- by the end of the year, Snap expects to have three Shows a day and is currently expanding into a diverse range of genres.