Donating Food to Ramadan Sharing Fridges Made Easier with New Facebook Messenger Bot
Posted on June 10, 2018

In a first-of-its-kind move for the region, the Ramadan Sharing Fridges campaign has now implemented a new Messenger bot to assist those who want to participate in the community initiative. The interactive bot, named Mariam, has been created in collaboration with ChatFood - the online ordering system for restaurants and grocery stores - to help people order fresh food and drinks right to their doorstep, locate fridges around them, and subsequently fill fridges across the city.

Through the partnership between Ramadan Sharing Fridges and ChatFood, people can now place bulk orders online for fresh food from Danone and Sanadeeg stores in Dubai. Ideal food options include juices, water, dates, laban, fruits and vegetables – which can all be purchased through a cash or card payment upon delivery.
The Messenger Bot’s ‘Find fridges’ option enables you to detect the fridge closest to you to easily stock them with food you ordered. The bot also helps people register their own fridges, interact with the wider Ramadan Sharing Fridges team, as well as use the ‘share’ option to spread the initiative to their friends and family on Facebook Messenger.

To interact with the bot, Facebook users can visit the Ramadan Sharing Fridges page and click on the ‘Send Message’ icon (or directly access the experience on, which begins a conversation on Facebook Messenger right away. Mariam then supports with further information on the initiative, how you can fill a fridge, and how to find the nearest fridge.