Former Mindshare MENA’s CEO Launches New Company
Posted on November 03, 2016

Samir Ayoub, the former chief executive of Mindshare MENA, has launched a media consultancy and auditing firm headquartered in Dubai. 

Medpush has been established with the goal of helping advertisers improve the efficiency of their campaigns and enhancing the standards of the industry. 

The new company will cover the Middle East and North Africa out of Dubai, with plans to establish offices in key markets within the coming three years.  

“When I decided to leave Mindshare I had several options,” said Ayoub. “Join another network, launch a media agency, leave the industry completely, or launch a media audit and consultancy company. I decided to choose the latter for two main reasons. Firstly, I felt there’s an opportunity in the market and our services are needed by many marketers. Secondly, I wanted to do something that will benefit the industry, hence our bold mission to ‘maximise efficiency and help improve the standards of the industry’. In a way, I want to set a new trend locally given the variety of services that we will provide.”

Those services will include media auditing (pricing, planning efficiency and compliance), media consultancy, and media training. Consultancy will cover the managing of pitches, the managing and facilitating of relationships between advertisers and their media agencies, and a counselling role to ensure media budgets are effectively invested.

“We have a long term vision and mission as well,” added Ayoub. “We want to create a difference in the market. We want to work closely with the relevant stakeholders of the industry to set proper and fair benchmarks, promote efficiency across the entire media value chain, challenge the current norms, and help improve where needed for a better industry.”