its. Stories and its. Health, two new departments added to its. Communications
Posted on March 16, 2018

its. Communications, a marketing and advertising agency operating in Lebanon and the Arab region, has announced the launch of two new departments: its. Stories and its. Health.

its. Stories specializes in high-quality video production through web services, applications, smart phones and all digital platforms in order to assist businesses in animating their fixed content and adapting it into videos. Consequently, its. Stories aims to help clients increase their number of views and visits, while optimizing the user’s experience with the purpose of bridging the gap between users and websites.

its. Stories is managed by journalist Ali Alawieh, who holds a BA in Business Administration and Marketing from the Lebanese American University and has 25 years of experience in TV production.

Ali Alawieh has worked in multiple television and radio stations, where he held several managerial positions such as General Manager of Sports Channels at Arab Radio and Television, General Manager of Sports Channels at Showtime Arabia, President of Melody Sports Egypt, Founder Partner of Pro Team Productions, Director of Citruss TV Marketing Channel, aside from working with local channels such as Future and New TV.

its. Health is a department specialized in health awareness, with the aim of creating medical campaigns and educating people on the work of hospitals, medical centers and doctors. With the motto “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," its. Health’s core objective is to provide people and communities with the necessary information and skills so to enable them to make the appropriate decisions related to their health, and to creatively develop and update this concept by applying the principles, theories and strategies of modern marketing science within its new approach to public health promotion called Health Marketing.

its. Health is managed by Elie Geahchan, who earned a Master’s degree in Public Health, a postgraduate diploma in Systems Management and Health Economics, a postgraduate diploma in Social Economics from the Sorbonne University in Paris, with also a BA degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.

His professional career ranges from Sainte-Anne Hospital in Paris to WHO in Copenhagen and Hotel Dieu Hospital in Beirut; Geahchan has over 10 years of experience in multinational advertising agencies such as Gray Group, BBDO and McCann.

its. Stories and its. Health are two new departments added to complement its. Communications’ other in-house departments: its. Advertising, its. Real Estate, its. Events, alongside the digital, PR and media departments, and of course tbsp., the hospitality branding and communication department.