Lebanon’s Advertising Association (AA) elects a new board
Posted on April 23, 2019

An ordinary session of the Advertising Association (AA) General Assembly was convened under the presidency of George Jabbour and in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Labor, at the Associations’ premises in Sin El Fil. On the agenda was the election of twelve board members for a term of four years.

The new board won by acclamation and held a closed session, during which George Jabbour was re-elected President. Hanaa Al Khatib, Vice President. Mazen Mousallem, General Secretary; Claude Hajjar, Treasurer; Louis El Hage; Daniel El Georr; Alain Yazbeck, Patrick Gholam, Rashid Al Khazen, Patrick Haber, Wilson Issa, Alain Rizk, board members.

In addition, the new Board decided to appoint the AA members Carole Hayek, Huguette Nassar and Sami Saab, as advisors.

During the General Assembly session, held with the quorum in attendance, the AA members unanimously approved the administrative and financial reports for 2018 after a detailed presentation, absolving the President and his Board from any liability and thanking them for their effective management during the past year. The budget for the fiscal year 2019 was also approved and a discussion was held on other matters.

In conclusion, the AA members congratulated the new board, trusting that it will move forward and succeed.