PHD Lebanon Celebrates First Anniversary with a New Win
Posted on May 07, 2018

PHD Lebanon is celebrating its first-year anniversary with a major pitch win Huawei’s for digital portfolio. The move comes as the region looks to transform their media offering in line with the growing digital trend.

Huawei, a network client that selected PHD Lebanon for its offline media work at the end of last year, recently staged a four-way pitch for the digital remit, which was finally awarded to PHD.

 “Welcoming new clients is always very rewarding, but it is even more significant when it’s a result of existing relationships. These are major endorsements of the quality of the work produced so far and the value they see in the future bond,” said Maroun Hassoun, general manager of PHD Lebanon. “Being a fairly recent entrant in the market could have been a challenge, instead it has allowed us to provide a fresh perspective and this has resonated very well with clients.”

PHD opened its office in the Lebanese capital just one year ago and has since witnessed sustained growth. As well as managing local and international clients for the Levant region, the Beirut office also provides operational support for the regional network.