Pikasso Joins the Global OOH Community to support the National Geographic Society Campaign for Endangered Species Day
Posted on May 18, 2018

Beginning this Endangered Species Day (May 18), powerful images of species at risk from the National Geographic Photo Ark will be featured for a week on billboards in 22 countries, six continents and 30 out-of-home operators.

Pikasso Outdoor Company is supporting this global out-of-home campaign by donating ad space on 184 roadside Digital Billboards, Large Format Digital Screens as well as LCD Screens in Malls in Lebanon, Jordan and Algeria. “We are proud to join National Geographic Society global OOH campaign for Endangered Species Day and raise awareness about populations of species in decline. We are aiming to inspire audiences around these three countries to learn how they can join this great cause.” said Hughette Nassar, Regional Commercial Director of Pikasso.

The campaign will feature 10 species, all of which are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered. While some regions will showcase endemic species, all of the countries will highlight the Sumatran rhinoceros, one of the most endangered large mammals on the planet. Global audiences will also be invited to visit PhotoArk.org to learn more about the species depicted across the digital out-of-home formats and learn about ways to protect wildlife and their habitats.