Pikasso Jordan Wins Swefieh Village Advertising Concession
Posted on December 05, 2019

Pikasso Jordan has won the advertising concession of Swefieh Village, a mall positioned as the ultimate destination located in the popular new strip of Sweifiyeh considered the young heart of Amman surrounded with a strong purchasing power catchment area.
Swefieh Village has a very distinctive architecture design conceived by Pierre Baillargeon, a UK based architecture firm. The design inspired by an industrial approach with open space, which will allow visitors to experience a new daily lifestyle.
Once you enter, you will find the HotSpot Concept Store area showcasing over 20 of Ammanies cutting edge designs being displayed to present their work; then you can continue upstairs to MVMNT, a TRX & Pilates studio that will send positive vibes all around.
Swefieh Village also offers an amazing selection of food destinations that are developed with a hip feel each offering its personalized character; Then you have the opening of retails stores boutiques as well and supermarket to sum up all customers' needs.
What makes Swefieh Village unique is the co-working area located in the middle of the space that will cater for 120 entrepreneurs offering them meeting spaces and all associated facilities to run their business. This space is sure to add life to Swefieh Village from the early hours of the morning while it also attracts a young crowd bringing in positivity and pro-activeness.
Rania Daniel Kildani, General Manager of Pikasso Jordan, said: “We are very honored to have been selected by Mr. Salfiti as the sole concessionaire of Swefieh Village that will be the first and foremost a destination for makers and do’ers. All this will contribute to a unique leisure and relaxed experience for the young trendy hip millennials.”