Snapchat Announces Partners for its New Advertising Offering, ‘Commercials’
Posted on April 22, 2019

Snapchat has announced an exciting line-up of advertising partners for the debut of its new advertising product, Commercials, which are Snapchat’s six-second unskippable ads that run across Snapchat premium content shows in UAE and KSA.

Nestlé, (Zenith), BMW (Zenith), Mini Cooper (Zenith), Samsung (Starcom), Louvre (Spark Foundry) and Almarai (Spark Foundry), are the first advertisers to take advantage of the new ad format, which will be available exclusively in Snapchat Shows in UAE and KSA.

In November 2018, Snap introduced Shows in MENA with the aim of bringing this unique format to Snapchatters in the region. Shows are TV-like content, produced exclusively for mobile by leading TV networks, entertainment studios and publishers. Snap partnered with some of the Middle East’s most loved media brands including MBC Group, Dubai Media Inc, Rotana Group, Abu Dhabi Media, Kooora, ITP and OLN tv.

Shows are typically 3-5 minutes in length, full screen and immersive. They are hyper-visual, featuring motion graphics, split screens, quick cuts and more, inspired by the expressive communication Snapchatters use to talk to their closest friends.

“Given the BMW core focus on digitalization and marketing innovation, partnering with Snap on the Commercials platform is the perfect alliance. As a luxury brand with strong local presence, BMW is always looking to align itself with premium regional content, and with innovative solutions such as Commercials, coupled with Snap’s undeniable reach in the local market, we are confident we’ll see strong brand uplift and recall,” said Fahad Mughal, Digital Manager, BMW Middle East.

"The launch of Commercials on Snapchat answers the growing desire amongst brands to reach a mobile audience with compelling branded video content. Being the launch partner of this new format with our forward-thinking clients gave us a first view of its impact. We saw incredible results for BMW, MINI, Louvre, Al Marai, Nestlé, and Samsung locally achieving really efficient CPM’s, CPCV’s and view-through rates. Given the early successes we’ve seen, this is a product we will continue to lean in to through the rest of the year,” commented Brayden Ainzuain, Head of Digital and Innovation, Publicis Media Middle East.

Commercials are available through Snap’s self-serve platform offering many benefits including improved targeting, measurement and price efficiency. In addition, Commercials offer advertisers alignment with premium, brand-safe content in an engaging and compelling format.