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MENA advertising expenditure dissected and analysed by Elie Aoun, CEO of IPSOS Media MEA


After a very challenging year in 2020 and a pandemic that has potentially impacted our lives and habits forever, 2021 provided a much needed rebound, especially when it comes to advertising expenditure in our region.

The overall situation continues to differ greatly from one country to the next. While most countries in the Levant are struggling, the GCC is flourishing. Economies in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt are growing, and this has been reflected in advertising expenditure. For countries such as Lebanon, …

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BEEAH launched ‘Race for Life’ campaign to raise awareness on the impact of plastic pollution on camels


The dangerous impact plastic has on camels is being highlighted in a new initiative Race for Life being launched, following the introduction of charges for single-use plastic bags in shops across the Emirate by the Dubai Executive Council.

Race for Life aims to generate awareness with the general public about the effects of irresponsible plastic disposal by campers and tourists by bringing the issue to the forefront and to remind us to clean up after ourselves and take our rubbish home, picking up any other potentially harmful debris we see.

As part of the initiative, a powerful concept film that features …

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Grand Prix awarded to Leo Burnett Beirut for ABAAD at WARC Awards for Effectiveness 2022
-Events/ Awards-

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