Sweetshop signs comedy Director Trevor Clarence for representation in Asia
Posted on 2022 Sep,13

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BANGKOK global production company Sweetshop has signed comedy Director Trevor Clarence for representation in Asia.

Trevor Clarence has been described as having the wit of Cristiano Ronaldo and the body of Will Ferrell. He loves making ads. People tend to love making ads with him. He brings a cinematic touch to his comedy. Whether it’s designing the camera language, crafting a drum solo or workshopping a character with the actor, he uses his passionate in-depth love of every aspect of comedy and filmmaking to create compelling and hilarious films. He has a past as a successful stand-up comedian, feature filmmaker, actor, musician and yoga teacher. Well, maybe not a successful yoga teacher, but he has some certificates.

Penny Woo, Executive Producer of Sweetshop Asia said, “Trevor is an exciting talent. Watching his work will put a smile on your face as the spots are so relatable. He has this innate talent to bring out great performances from the actors. A great storyteller. We can’t wait to see how agencies and brands respond to him here in Asia.”

Trevor had this to say about the signing, “A little while ago I tried to call my mate Penny Woo and she couldn’t chat ‘cos she was in a PPM. Then the next day she called me back and I couldn’t chat ‘cos I was in a PPM. Then I was like... Wait a minute! What if we could be in the same PPM?! The rest is history.”

Wilf Sweetsland, Global CEO of Sweetshop said, “It’s a hard act to follow a quote from Trevor in a press release. He’s lovely, supremely talented, ok at writing quotes for press releases, and we are over the moon that he wanted to join the Sweetshop family.”