ACDelco new campaign by Havas ME turns into a hit and beats the charts
Posted on 2023 Jun,19  | By ArabAd's staff

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In its continuous efforts to establish itself as the go-to brand for aftermarket products, ACDelco, the American automotive parts brand, launched its latest campaign ‘Hatoola ACDelco’ catering to vehicles of all makes and models. 

Taking the form of a hip hop music video, the campaign presents a series of conversations between ACDelco mechanics and their customers, all speaking the same language and representing the different South Asian communities. Each conversation was written like a rap song sung to a catchy beat, placing ACDelco experts who have solutions to common vehicle problems at center-stage.

The campaign included a main video along with four versions, each focusing on a specific language: Hindi, Urdu, English and Tagalog. Artists from different nationalities created songs weaved as one in a mashup that became more than an ad.

As a matter of fact, this edition of the video, which speaks to a population with significant representation in the region as well as the industry, has topped Anghami charts as the #1 most streamed song in Saudi Arabia.

“Inclusion goes way beyond just including different languages into our communication strategy. We tackled insights about culture, behavior and interests to truly understand our audiences throughout their journey, be it the customer or the technician, and leveraged the music culture of the region to weave our narrative and message: we have the quality parts and products for your vehicle, regardless of the drive,” noted Rola Daher, After Sales Marketing Manager & ACDelco Brand Lead, General Motors (AMEO).

The content was showcased on social media platforms including Anghami, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and across the web on different programmatic platforms for a month. 

This cheerful and upbeat campaign has found tremendous success, engaging thousands of listeners and viewers.

On Anghami, the song gained impressive traction; with 285K plays, the song topped the charts as #1 in Saudi Arabia after standing at #3 and continues to maintain strong presence including ranking #2 in Kuwait. On YouTube, the video collected 411K views and the audio ads secured a completion rate of 98%. Programmatic yielded remarkable results for both video and audio with a view rate of 71% and a listening rate of 90% respectively. 

The campaign was conceptualized and managed by Havas Middle East, and produced by The Film House.