'Driven by One Voice' campaign by Havas ME celebrates MG One with style and rhythm
Posted on 2024 Mar,12  | By ArabAd's staff

MG Motor, in a groundbreaking collaboration with their regional agency Havas Middle East, has recently rolled out the all-new MG ONE, a sleek and sporty compact crossover SUV.

The launch was accompanied with a new and an arresting musical tune that is sure to stick to the minds.

The Driven by ONE Voice campaign was created to celebrate the role a car plays beyond mere transportation - it is often a sign of self-expression, and a haven of boundless freedom. 

MG Motor partnered with the Arabic hip-hop sensation, Shahyn, to craft a music video that encapsulates the brand's vibrant spirit, while positioning this high-tech sporty mid-size model as the epitome of style and excitement in the compact SUV segment. 

The athletic look it embodies, coupled with its unique 30” screen in addition to other premium features established an unparalleled connection with people's passions, setting it in a league of our own. 

The music video reached more than 600K organic views on YouTube and counted hundreds of millions of impressions across social media platforms.

This campaign highlights the brand’s unwavering dedication to the 'Driven by Passion' motto, igniting a fervor for MG Motor in the hearts of enthusiasts around the world.