Herezie launches captivating print campaign for Triumph’s new sport bra line
Posted on 2023 Oct,06  | By ArabAd's staff

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A gripping new international press and outdoor campaign from Parisian agency Herezie for lingerie brand Triumph's new line of sports bras— the

Triumph, one of the world’s leading brands in women’s lingerie, recently launched a range of sports bras, the “Triaction Sports Bra”, so to draw viewer’s attention to the new line. The brand turned to Parisian agency Herezie to create a compelling campaign with an artistic approach. 

Every model in the range is said to be perfectly designed to give optimum support and comfort, even for the most intense routines, so Herezie created three dynamc images that visually express the benefits, each as vibrant and eye-catching as the next. This gorgeous campaign is meant to highlight the bra's design and the support, comfort and freedom of movement it offers and it succeeds in doing so.  

In each, a woman is seen practicing a sport - karate, dance and rhythmic gymnastics— with her movement forming the shape of a Triumph sports bra using chronophotography. The melody of colors, patterns and textures come together to show the support and mobility the sports bras provide, a visually innovative approach to depicting the brand’s line and what it offers. 



Agency : Herezie  

CEO : Andrea Stillacci   

Executive Creative Director : Etienne Renaux, Paul Marty  

Art Director : Pauline Lesage 


Client : Triumph  

Global content manager : Nathalie Kineider  

Global brand content manager : Zeljka Sifter Bojic