INFINITI presents 'Taking the Wheel', a Pixar-style animation for the whole family
Posted on 2022 Nov,21

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Imagine a traditional car commercial -  you’re probably thinking of a picturesque shot of a car driving by the desert, with a motivating voice-over that talks about “going places.” Well, that might be the standard for launching most SUVs in the region, but for INFINITI, it wasn’t the right approach. The automotive brand wanted to create something different.

With the help of Publicis Q Dubai, INFINITI decided to challenge conventions and launch the All-New QX60 – a modern, luxurious family SUV - with an animated film that takes advantage of every family’s habit to watch content together and, ultimately, let their kids choose what’s on-screen.

In a beautiful, Pixar-style animation, the story invites viewers into the life of working parents who juggle their professional lives and two young children together.

The film was designed specifically for the Arab region, with truly localized characters and locations that resemble Middle Eastern residents and cities.

“We wanted to make an ad that didn’t feel like an ad. Something that might play before a Disney flick or an episode of Peppa Pig and people would assume it’s entertainment,” explains Eduardo Branco, Creative Director at Publicis Q Middle East.

“If you’re a parent with young children, how familiar are you with the likes of Paw Patrol, Coco Melon, and of course Baby Shark?” Asks Nadim Ghrayeb, General Manager – Marketing, PR and CX, INFINITI Middle East. “Those theme songs are probably more deeply embedded in your mind than anything you grew up with, because in the modern household, kids control the remote. Considering this, we decided to take the opportunity as a challenger brand to evolve our approach to product communication.”

Taking the Wheel is launching on social media, digital platforms, TV and cinemas across the region. Expect to see the stars of our film in showrooms, colouring books, the Infiniti website and much more. 



Credits – Taking the Wheel

Client: Infiniti Middle East

Agency: Publicis Q Middle East

Production: Zombie Studios

Audio Production: Halley