New disruptive campaign for KFC Arabia taps into the region hip hop culture
Posted on 2023 Jun,12

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KFC, the global chicken restaurant brand, is once again pushing the boundaries of creativity with its latest campaign, The Originals. Rooted in the brand's heritage and originality, the 360-degree campaign aims to infuse a fresh and relatable energy into the KFC experience across the MENA region.

In a bold move to captivate the region's youth, the true chicken experts, KFC has collaborated with renowned hip hop artists Abo El Anwar from Egypt and Slo Moe from Saudi Arabia. Together, they have created a KFC-themed version of the hit track 'Brrr Brrr Brrr,' which serves as the campaign's anthem. The accompanying music video-styled commercials pay homage to the spirit of Colonel Sanders and showcase the talented crew members who prepare KFC's mouth-watering chicken today. The hip-hop music video outlines ‘Crunch is their thing, and Spice is their forte, KFC is original, and originality is their game.’

The campaign visuals are designed to tantalize viewers' taste buds, featuring drool-worthy shots of KFC's famous crunchy fried chicken. These traffic-stopping close-ups will leave consumers craving that unmistakable and original KFC flavor.

The Originals campaign is set to make a lasting impression reinforcing KFC's position as the go-to destination and original idea for chicken enthusiasts who value authenticity and crave that one-of-a-kind KFC taste.




Creative Agency: TBWA\RAAD

Production House: Good People

Director: Maged Nassar