Tinol shows the power of its vibrant hues through an impactful OOH campaign by Phenomena
Posted on 2024 Jul,01  | By ArabAd's staff

Each year presents a growing challenge in cementing Tinol's position as the leading paint brand in Lebanon.

Colors stand as the foundation of the brand’s identity and creativity. How can Phenomena, the agency in charge of developing the campaign, create work that portrays everything the brand stands for without saying one word?

The creative force at Beirut-based Phenomena decided to showcase the power of Tinol brand through a visually striking and attractive application built around color, conveyed in a simple yet impactful manner - abstaining from adding any word. 

By only showing the power of vivid and vibrant hues, they accentuated the brand's essence, delivering a captivating visual spectacle that aims to position Tinol as a frontrunner and setting a benchmark within the industry. 

“Through a creative union of concept and media, we aim to craft a seamless synergy that translates into a compelling and innovative creative media display. Picture the brand, depicted solely through the dynamic flow and blend of diverse colors, originating from the 'O' letter and transforming into a cascading stream of paint, as if pouring from a paint bucket,” said Sami Saab the founder and creative director of Phenomena.

This artful presentation managed to not only elevate Tinol to new heights but also reinforces its stance as a leader in the market, setting the stage for a transformative and unforgettable brand experience.



Client: Tinol

Creative Agency: Phenomena

Creative Director: Sami Saab

Production Artist: Patrick Nacouzi

Media Agency: AMPM