How to Take a “Maximum Rawa2” Bath…
Posted on 2016 Nov,03  | By Rana Bou Saada

Last year, Amatoury 114 rolled out a series of commercials, which are being re-played again this month on local TV.


It is well known that a hot, long bath can help you relax and wash away your day’s troubles. However, Amatoury 114 can transform your regular bath into a surreal experience, prompting you to finish your work, play the piano, or even challenge your friend to a ping pong game, while showering.

The shower gel’s latest TVC is simply, yet smartly executed by Phenomena agency. In the first opening seconds, a close up leaves viewers wondering what the spot is about. The humourous element then kicks in when the unusual activity is revealed. Characters remain excessively calm, as if what they are doing is absolutely normal.  

Contrary to these exaggerated activities, the set is very basic and the language is vernacular. These details do not only help viewers easily relate to the unfamiliar scene but also add to the TVC’s wit. 

As for the tagline, it reinforces the humourous element, while reminding viewers that Amatoury 114 is all about chilling. “Maximum rawa2” combines the English and Arabic languages – a habit often practiced by Lebanese people – and uses the popular Arabic world for chilling, Rawa2. 

With all the stress we face on a daily basis, a Amatoury 114 bath might in fact be what we all need!