Petit Bateau's rip-roaring video shows what a typical tough day means 'For Serious Kids'
Posted on 2017 Aug,28  | By ArabAd staff

What if the rough and tumble of kids’ everyday lives was the best quality test of all for their clothes ?

8:00 AM, the alarm rings, and we’re off embarking on the supercharged day of a little boy and his favorite sailor stripe sweatshirt. Splashes of jam, mud, rain, paint... not to mention scratches and an iron burn... the sweatshirt is put to the test during a mega frenzied day withstanding the shock of the boy’s unbridled energy and imagination. 

The moment it comes out of a well-deserved cleaning session in the washing machine, it’s ready for another go: suctioned up, stretched out, torn apart and even chewed, the sweatshirt wraps up its crazy day tossed on the back of a chair. The battery is finally out of juice: ppppfffwwwwuuuu, at last it can breathe easy, until tomorrow.

This upbeat video takes us along on 30 “torture tests”, a technical challenge in 76 frames using five different cameras in sync with the movement of the sweatshirt and of the little boy. We experience both points of view, so much so that we no longer really know who is the true hero, the boy or his sweatshirt!

The rip-roaring atmosphere is accentuated even more with the selection of a 70s worldwide French hit 'Ça plane pour moi', a high octane rhythmic and catchy song that fits right in with the overall mood and pulses with the energy of youth. In line with the brand’s musical history (Jacques Dutronc’s “Fais pas çi, fais pas ça”, Elli Medeiros’,“Toi mon toit”…), it also greatly contributes in making the ad look like a video clip, to be watched over and over. 

Petit Bateau demonstrates in this video the source of its success: the proven quality of its products and its love for free, creative, boisterous childhood. In sum, clothes for “serious kids” who want to live free.

Petit Bateau has also produced over 40 complementary content elements for social media: gifs, Boomerangs, cinemagraphs. A treasure trove of silly faces and zany situations to animate conversations on social media with the spirit of #seriouskids.



Agency: BETC Paris

Chief Creative Officer: Rémi Babinet

Creative Director: Damien Bellon

Art Directors:  Damien Bellon, Juri Zaech

Digital Art Director: Albert Yvert

Copywriters:  Samuel Moore, Juri Zaech

Production: Control 

Director: Luis Cervero