SAWA to help refugees in Lebanon brave the harsh cold of winter
Posted on 2017 Nov,14

Harsh winter in Lebanon make life tough for refugees. One NGO that has been committed for years in helping them survive rough conditions is called Sawa for Development and Aid. The organization's main mission is to support Syrian Refugees in different fields [livelihoods, education, health, and relief].

Every year people pass away from the harsh cold weather in Lebanon, from different communities, most people who die are the children, and babies are the most vulnerable to such weather.

And every year Sawa for Development and Aid initiates an event to collect clothes and other winter supplies to help the refugees stay warm. 

This year, the team at Sawa thought to do things differently, and expand their communication beyond Lebanon, to trigger higher awareness about the safety of refugees sleeping in unheated, makeshift shelters rather than in refugee camps during extremely cold weather and mostly raise concern about children, as they are most susceptible to be affected during winter season. This film, created in-house, calls people to help them make it through the harsh and snowy winter, brave the cold safely and decently, teach them to make snow angels rather than become the sad kind of a snow angel. 



Art/Creative director: Abdullah Al Jajeh 

3D Artist: Hamdi Moutad

other: Issam Itani