The last man to take the ice-bucket challenge
Posted on 2017 Feb,21  | By ArabAd staff

If there was anything to rage about during the summer of 2014 it was clearly the Ice Bucket Challenge that went internationally viral in the span of hours. With the world being a connected global village (well…most of the world) there is nothing out there to ever be missed.

Unless of course you happen to be living in a country where the Internet connection and speed are a daily challenge, you will end up being the latecomers to certain online crazes, as portrayed in this TVC created by TBWA\Raad Beirut, who came up with a whimsical advertisement campaign for Connect Lebanon, an internet provider company.

The video sheds light in a humorous and unscripted way on individuals living in remote areas who are recreating these online trends their own way – a rural male challenges himself and nominates others from the area to partake in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The line “Don’t be the last to get it. Connect faster wherever you are” at the end of the spot is the only element hinting that we are watching a commercial.

The production looks all the more realistic with the great cast - ensuring a strong execution in delivery and makes the home-video styled ad all the more shareable.

Wonder what these individuals have in store for us once the news of the Mannequin Challenge reaches them.



Agency: TBWA/Raad Beirut

Client: Connect Lebanon

CCO: Walid Kanaan

ECD: Fouad Abdel Malak

CD: Mauel Borde

CD: Krix

AD: Oswaldo Sa