‘Pay It Forward’, a goodwill initiative brought by Feer McQueen to local businesses
Posted on 2020 Jul,20

The times have been tough for businesses the world over ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet in Lebanon, the magnitude and severity of the crisis is at its peak, as the country is experiencing its worst economic and financial crisis amid zero economic growth and massive debt. In the current state of the market, many businesses are struggling to keep afloat. In light of an aggravating situation and recognizing the unique challenges companies are currently facing, Feer McQueen is stepping up to lend a helping hands to those in need.

The Beirut-based agency has in fact volunteered its services and expertise to companies and businesses that are on the brink of raising the red flag.

This is why Managing Director Firas Mghames and his team felt compelled to lend an expert hand and came up with the ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative, to try to help local companies get through the current crisis with minimal loss.

Naturally, hybrid creative agency Feer McQueen has exactly the kinds of resources and knowledge to help with this.

Through the ‘Pay It Forward initiative’, Feer McQueen will help companies secure their digital transformation, create their online store and promote it to new audiences, using its full-fledged hybrid system.

These services are offered pro-bono of course. Nevertheless, only companies in the ‘red zone’ may benefit from these free-of-charge services--companies whose employees are truly facing uncertainty. Also, it is mandatory that the business cycle keeps going—meaning once assistance is extended to a company, it is imperative that the company helps in return another supplier by paying it forward too.
And of course, businesses that are eligible should be in fact the ones able to migrate online, ready for a digital transformation.

With this in mind, Feer Mcqueen stands firm that a digital transformation is a critical part of a business’ success. Not only going digital is important for any business throughout these tough times, but it is paramount in ensuring a strong and prosperous return when things are back to a ‘new’ normal.

Moreover, Feer McQueen urges creatives and agencies, big and small, to rise to the occasion brought forth by COVID-19 and join in this initiative.

In times of crisis, it is essential to foster alliances with the right partners to navigate the hazards and be equipped to thrive when they have passed. And “it is only by paying it forward that we can make a difference,” asserts Feer McQueen’s Managing Director Firas Mghames in his open letter to Lebanese creative (read below).

Open Letter to Lebanese Creatives in These Impactful Times

Businesses are closing. The economy has collapsed. Wave 2 of COVID-19 is coming. Our society is falling apart at the seams.
Let’s hope we still have electricity and internet as things move along.
If we do, then we’re safe. Yes, as Lebanese creatives, we can make it.
With our economy and society teetering between total collapse and utter chaos, we are all gasping for air and grasping for the nearest lifeboat. Maybe that lifeboat is already here. Maybe things are complicated, but they can’t be THAT complicated.
The global pandemic COVID-19 gave us the experience of working remotely, crossing the hurdles of distance and promoting the idea of working from afar. It also created a tug on economies worldwide. Sad, but true; if economies worldwide are weighed down under this strain, we can take this opportunity to thrive beyond our borders.
As Lebanese, our modernized, Arab, Western, bilingual, trilingual, beautiful fusion of a culture that we cherish is easily exportable. We have the skills, we have the language, we definitely have the creativity and vision. All that’s left is to actually get out there and explore new frontiers. We have to keep on keeping on. We have so much to offer the world, and there is no better time than now to let the creativity and skills we as Lebanese are so proud of shine.
Think about the call center industry in India, or say the tech industry in Ireland. What’s the common denominator? Outsourcing work to teams abroad, getting the job done quickly, efficiently, cost effectively, and flawlessly. Why don’t we add Lebanon to that list?
We don’t need to rely on the government or any aid to get the job done. We have our skills and our imagination. We are creative service providers at the end of the day, and there’s nothing easier than exporting a service.
Get out there, network with fellow freelancers at places like BDD and Antwork, discuss new horizons with fellow agencies around the country, and remember, we’re all in the same boat.
International agencies located in Lebanon don’t have the flexibility local agencies and freelancers do. We have all the freedom in the world to export our talents. And who said Lebanese creatives will only make it in the GCC?
While local agencies looked at the GCC, we looked to the West, and we made it. You don’t need operations in other countries. All you need is talent and grit. It’s obvious, with remote working proving successful, we have no boundaries. What are we waiting for?
Out of experience, we can say that working for the West is a reality. Lebanese agencies like Wondereight, Interesting Times, Its, JoeFish… Now is the right time and the best opportunity.
The solution to our discouragement, let down, and very real problems is not that complicated if you can see the big picture. We can do this.

Firas Mghames
Founder & CEO - FEER McQUEEN