A Multi-Layered Print Campaign by Joefish for Purell Hand Sanitizer
Posted on 2020 Dec,16  | By AradAd's Staff

The Coronavirus Disease has had a significant impact on social relationships, and radical changes have occurred in people’s social habits. Many people have started taking extra precautions and cut back on social contact. That includes handshaking.

Handshakes are just one form of touch that has evaporated during the global coronavirus outbreak.

Therefore, to promote Purell, the hand sanitizer brand, Beirut-based agency Joefish decided to focus on the handshake, since it is known to be a phenomenal vector for disease.

The Purell print ads cleverly places two opposite elements to depict the impact that would result if they meet up and to highlight the very real problem if we shake hands nowadays. Through a smart illustration trick, Joefish is highlighting the connective bad effect of a handshake if not properly sanitized.

The approach is indeed quite interesting, as it is not a straightforward message but rather it is presented in a creative manner through a tattoo on each hand designed to persuade people that one shake hand may lead to a catastrophe. Indeed, if a shark meets a human, a catastrophe may ensue. Same goes for the cat that meets a bird or a boat that collides into a rock. So the viewer is left to assume that it is imperative not to attempt a handshake to avoid the catastrophe and to protect one's self by sanitizing the hands with Purell.

This is a great way to use an otherwise basic product in a new and interesting way.

The tagline 'Stop cross-contamination; sanitize your hands' 'Avoid the catastrophe', drives the point home.

And we love the twist behind this print campaign: the visual metaphor of two opposite elements that is meant to be persuasive. Indeed, to be successful, print adverts have to be multi-layered. This is a simple but really effective concept that captures the idea of the need to sanitize before any contact happens.

This OOH campaign is now  running on unipoles, rooftops, Leds, Backlits and in ABC verdun digital screens all across Beirut..