ABC brings the fun back with its fall and winter campaign by Joe Fish
Posted on 2021 Oct,20  | By ArabAd's staff

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This marks the debut of ABC first brand campaign with Beirut-based creative agency Joe Fish who newly acquired the account and seems to have hit the sweet spot with this F/W campaign that is rolling out via outdoor, in print, online and through a film; a campaign which feels fun, fresh and very left field. It marks a new chapter in the idea of fashion as entertainment.

ABC’s new Fall-Winter campaign looks modern, hip with a powerful visual direction, taking the essence of fashion to mash it up with a bit of cyber, entertainment and a lot of creativity to create a Fall/Winter season “UN-GLITCHED”.

The fashion industry understands the power of its dreams and fantasies. Designers weave narratives that are meant to take you outside of your reality, and this exactly what this new campaign is meant to do. It centers around creating one’s own idea of fun through color and playfulness.

Everyone knows the fashion world for being one filled with creativity and dynamism. Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic hit this sector, among others, the hardest and changed the dynamics of every industry in the world. Our digital era and many technological tools awakened the creativity of many. As a result, this sector was one of the first to take advantage of them for its benefit.

This campaign, which is designed to promote ABC’s online shopping platform, pushes the brand to the front rows of both the digital wave and the avant-garde fashion world, while redefining its role in the “fashiontainement” with an immersive campaign putting the consumer in the centre of its communication, and bringing some joy and fun back to clothes shopping. 

The bright and bold images are intended to offer a note of optimism to the season. There’s no denying that this campaign stands out for its creative and original approach. It entices users to get lost in its world of shopping creating a fully immersive world to explore.

At a time when the creative sector and global economy continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, the renowned department store has enlisted creative boutique agency Joe Fish probably to capture an endearing display of youth and fun and to revive a much-needed fashion entertainment.