How Chevrolet is changing the conversation to drive road safety engagement
Posted on 2023 Apr,17  | By ArabAd's staff

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This Ramadan, Chevrolet has picked up where they left off in 2021 by once again reviving the nostalgic cultural icon of Fawazir – this time in a modern TikTok execution and with an extra, added twist…

While Chevrolet’s first Fawazir iteration was all about the brand and its cars, this year’s riddles all aim to engage drivers in the region with road safety. Brilliant sets and costumes again go hand-in-hand with fun, mind-bending clues, leading viewers towards safer driving practices.

“Ramadan is the month of entertainment but also accidents on the road are on the rise,” said Sara El Esnawy, Brand Advertising Manager at Chevrolet Arabia. “Safety awareness campaigns don't have to be dry and boring, so we decided to try a different angle and make ours fun and engaging. Today’s younger audience are all about this kind of content on channels like TikTok, so that’s exactly where we went.”

During the holy month, fasting road users are often hungry, dehydrated and low on blood sugar. This can have a negative impact on energy levels, mood, concentration, reaction time and more, which leads to a rise in accidents. By putting safety at the front of people’s minds with a fun and engaging campaign, Chevrolet hopes to raise awareness of these dangers and mitigate the risk to all road users during Ramadan.

“This is probably nothing like any safety campaign you’ve ever seen before, and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve,” said Andrej Arsenijevic, Executive Creative Director at Commonwealth McCann. “It’s fun, positive and shareable, and most importantly, it actually makes people stop and engage.”

With a charismatic new host in the form of talented actress, Zeina Makki, Chevrolet’s popular Fawazir content is back with a bang, successfully integrating potentially life-saving road safety tips into vibrant, nostalgic entertainment.

With three engaging riddles already posted and riddle four currently live, Fawazir Chevrolet looks set to be another Ramadan smash hit for both the brand and road safety.