Mohamed Bareche: 'Dubai, a city in constant evolution just like the creative industry'
Posted on 2024 Jul,03

Get to know of some of the GCC’s best creative leaders through this specially tailored ASKED & ANSWERED questionnaire designed to learn what are top agencies’ creative kitchen made of. Mohamed Bareche, ECD, Horizon FCB Dubai shares his take on what it takes to win, his passion for creating standout work in the Middle East, and the importance of multiculturalism in agencies.



Where did you grow up?

I grew up in France.


What made you pick Dubai?

I relocated in Dubai to work in the same global network I was already working for in Paris.

Dubai is to me an attractive, dynamic and cosmopolitan city with such a cool and peaceful lifestyle so it was just a no-brainer.


How would you explain your job to a taxi driver?

We crack cool campaign ideas and bring them to life in the most beautiful possible way.


What makes Dubai so attractive for creative talents?

All the global brands and agencies are established here along with people from every part of the world. Which makes it such an exciting playground for creatives.


What do you love most about Dubai?

This city is in constant evolution just like the creative industry.





How do so many cultures work together to create successful campaigns that speaks its own language and fits so many cultures at the same time?

Creativity is an universal language and this is what bring us all together.


Do you find it easy to work on campaigns that flex a cultural nuance truly distinct to the region, delivering the kind of hyper relevance that you may struggle to land in a western homogenized culture?

Not at all since most of human insights are just universal, then we take it from there and localize it to make it relevant to each part of the world, language, culture.

I feel we dwell too much and overthink the hyper relevance in the region. People are just human beings everywhere you go, with a, more or less, different background and cultural nuances.





Why do you think advertising awards matter so much?

Awards are the lungs of our industry, they get creatives to push their limits, they create good reputation for agencies, which attracts more talents and makes clients choice easier when it comes to pick an agency. Awards create a virtuous circle for the whole industry.


Your take on this year’s Dubai Lynx...

Less awards than usual were attributed in each category. I feel the jury was more demanding this year and when I look at the caliber of all the juries presidents, I’m not surprised..


The one award every creative or agency wants to win..

Cannes Lions.


Your top three awards...

Cannes Lions, D&AD, Andys.


One of your favorite creative projects that you didn’t work on that was awarded at the Lynx and that you admire.

Definitely a work on a big brand, which reduces drastically the possibilities, so, for this year’s Lynx I would say Adidas Superstar Ravi (Grand Prix in Creative Strategy).


Could you name a recent project you are proud of and think deserve to be awarded?

Yesterdelivery. We sent a parcel back in time with DHL J