Mother’s Day 2024: Lebanese Brands Put their Maternal Instincts to the Test
Posted on 2024 Apr,02  | By Christina Fakhry

While many countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in May, Lebanon marks the occasion on the first day of spring to commemorate new life. In spite of commercial clichés, March 21 remains a golden opportunity for brands to embrace the motherhood momentum with newfangled or recycled ideas. We’ve taken the time to assemble a bouquet of the mom-themed ads and social media posts that caught our attention this time around.


Abed Tahan: Nostalgia Hits Home

From ideation to execution, home appliances and electronics retailer Abed Tahan’s nostalgic tribute to mothers hits all the right notes. The outdoor campaign complemented with an animated digital component reflects upon awkward motherly memories in a humorous tone bolstered by vintage aesthetics. Each visual is divided into two sides, one for the childhood picture and another for the referenced modern appliance, with “you know she always had the best intentions” as a unifying copy. That unflattering hairdo that still haunts you can be fixed with an all-new hair dryer styling brush. Scorch marks on your clothes are a thing of the past with the latest garment steamer. An unexciting childhood meal is swapped for the now-beloved air fryer. Joe Fish delivered the goods on this one



IPT: Mothers Take the Road

Motherly love and gas stations may be quite far from each other but IPT cleverly managed to bring them together in a simple yet effective Mother’s Day campaign by adding common expressions said by Lebanese mothers onto road signs. From ‘call me when you get there’ to ‘promise me you won’t speed honey’, all the signs pointed to a winning formula. The idea resonated well with social media users who left favorable comments under the post and shared it onto their Stories. “If mothers wrote the road signs, every path would lead to love, hugs and warmth,” the bilingual caption read, capitalizing on the special day’s sentimental value.


Exotica: One Call Away

Exotica celebrated differently with a sweet social experiment whereby youth had to call their moms at random to express their love. The outpouring of affection was met with funny reactions from mothers, who proceeded to ask their children if everything was okay with them. Hitting over a million views, the heartwarming video in question garnered countless likes and more than 16.7k shares on Instagram alone. Culturally relevant, highly relatable and genuinely executed, this Mother’s Day post struck a chord with local social media users who did not hide their emotions in the comments section.


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