Pizza Hut's 'My Box' campaign by Publicis ME invites customers to set their own terms & conditions
Posted on 2023 Aug,03

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Pizza Hut has recently introduced an extended range of its customisable My Box offerings, which offer the freedom of choice to consumers – on their own terms & conditions.

Pizza Hut has always been part of pop culture, and with the new launch of 'My Box' range, the company wants to reinforce the connection with an ever-changing generation that is perceived as strong, bold, unpredictable and full of attitude. Pizza Hut opted to frame its four boxes and almost endless combinations as a freedom of choice, and a lack of limitations, which goes hand in hand with the Gen Z mindset.

To do so, Pizza Hut and its creative partner, Publicis Middle East, embraced this generational mindset – going against pre-set and annoying rules.

The campaign portrays four young people setting their own rules following their mood – a glorification of the youth in their day-to-day taking the pose to express their choice and be listened to. Different people, different terms & conditions.

"We're all used to 'Terms & Conditions' everywhere, imposed on us in many different forms. So we turned it on its head. Instead of accepting it, people can now demand what they want on their own terms and conditions. And that's what the new My Box range is all about," says Augusto Correia, Creative Director at Publicis Middle East.

“We’ve come to realise that there is something profound about embracing your solo status that can truly make you feel confident. Our strategic introduction of My Box has proven to be a game changer, empowering our consumers to make their own choice without having to share. While Pizza Hut has long been associated with sharing meals, we are proud to position ourselves with this range as a brand that caters to the unique tastes of our customers”, says Ahmed Sabri, Marketing Manager at Pizza Hut Middle East.

By presenting their consumers with more options for different consumption occasions, Pizza Hut could be associated with more moments than just social gatherings.




Agency: Publicis Middle East

Maya Khammar | Business Lead

Varun Karani | Associate Business Director

Kareem El Hajj | Senior Communication Manager

Elissa Bou Jaoudeh | Communication Manager

Laila Khawajjah | Account Executive

Jala Fawaz | Head of Strategy

Anna Sadykova | Senior Strategy Manager

Rafael Augusto | Chief Creative Officer

Augusto Correira | Creative Director

Nicolas Richard | Senior English Copywriter

Andre Sakai | Senior Art Director

Hussein Mostafa | Art Director

Hani Mohamed | Senior Arabic Copywriter

Hamza Zaid | Senior Social Manager

Douaa Abdul Sater | Senior Social Executive

Sylvia Trinidade | Agency Producer


Production House: Prodigious ME

Ralph Mattar | TV Producer

Gabriel Norohna | Print Producer

Adam Black | Lifestyle Photographer

Kamil Rixos | Videographer

Orkun Orcan | Food Photographer

Yana Miroshkina | Wardrobe Stylist

Maria Villegas | Set Designer

Luisa Chiddo | Food stylist