Publicis ME launches new campaign for Pizza Hut Melts, which is NOT for everyone
Posted on 2023 Jun,06  | By ArabAd's staff

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Pizza Hut has always been synonymous with sharing—a concept deeply embedded in the region's customs, culture, and heritage. Given the importance of hospitality and generosity in this context, the notion of not sharing may appear unorthodox.

Nevertheless, Pizza Hut in collaboration with Publicis Middle East set out to give the sharing custom a break with a cheery campaign to promote Pizza Hut’s new crispy, cheesy & loaded item onthe menu--the Pizza Hut Melts specifically designed for individual consumption.

So Pizza Hut decided to empower pizza lovers to unabashedly enjoy their food without the obligation to share. To do so, the campaign, developed by the creative force at Publicis Middle East, employs the hand slap—a spontaneous gesture to prevent someone from taking one's food in a light-hearted and humorous manner—as a creative tool for communicating "#Not4Sharing."

"It's a handheld innovation that can go anywhere our Gen Z target is and will let them indulge and enjoy their Melts free from the expectation to share. Pizza Hut Melts will be a game changer for the brand," said Ahmed Sabri, Regional Marketing Lead for Pizza Hut - Middle East & Pakistan.

In a world that promotes the oversharing of information, photos, personal stories and journeys, the campaign decided to go the opposite direction and indulge in their own cravings with this new individual-focused menu item. And it feels good!

"Joey from Friends doesn't share food. And neither should you if you're grabbing Pizza Hut Melts! While sharing is generally considered good manners, sharing single-serving food shouldn’t be. Our Melts campaign supports those that just want to eat in peace. It's okay to slap greedy hands away," said Augusto Correia, Creative Director for Publicis Middle East.