Sami Saab: 'Fueled by creativity, we declare war'
Posted on 2024 Mar,28

For Sami Saab, the Founder CEO & Creative Director of Phenomena agency, creativity is non-negotiable. Whatever the situation, nothing will ever stop this passionate ad man —also known to be “l’enfant terrible de la publicité” in Lebanon— in his relentless quest for creativity.

‘Nowadays, not only in Lebanon but the entire communication field is currently undergoing a dangerous shift. 

This transformation signifies a crucial moment in advertising history, as dramatic changes challenge authentic norms and confront practitioners with a pivotal decision: succumb to the new flat system or stand resilient, fighting for the preservation of creativity.

In this tumultuous environment, we have chosen to defy the tide. Instead of surrendering to the uncertainties of the evolving landscape, we, fueled by creativity, have declared war! A war on conformity, on stagnation, and on the erosion of creativity. This bold stance is not merely a reaction; it's a commitment to crafting phenomenal stories and concepts from the depths of imagination.

Our decision to fight is more than an act of defiance; it's a strategic choice to navigate the changing currents by embracing innovation, originality, and a relentless pursuit of creativity. 

In an era where algorithms and data analytics threaten to dictate the narrative, we, the warriors of creativity, are weaving stories that transcend the boundaries of convention.


“It's a call to arms for marketers, advertisers, and storytellers to unite in the pursuit of authenticity and originality.”


At the core of our approach is the belief that true creativity knows no constraints. Instead of succumbing to the pressures of conforming to the new system, we channel our energy to create something outstanding from nothing. Creativity is non-negotiable.

This commitment involves more than just producing compelling content; it's about challenging preconceptions and redefining what communication means in this evolving landscape. It's a call to arms for marketers, advertisers, and storytellers to unite in the pursuit of authenticity and originality.

By daring to challenge the status quo, we are setting a new standard for what communication and creativity can achieve. This is not just a revolution in advertising; it's a declaration that, even in the face of uncertainty, the most outstanding stories are yet to be crafted and creativity will prevail.

The more obstacles we face, the more creative we become.’