The Future for the Havas Group through the Case of Havas Lemz Amsterdam
Posted on 2020 Dec,12  | By Gijs de Swarte

Havas Lemz in Amsterdam, part of the global Havas communications and media conglomerate, recently received the internationally highly regarded Benefit Corporation (B Corp) certification. Now, their goal of “creativity as a force for good” will be pursued even more radically and effectively, as the agency introduces a 100 Days process to help companies speed up their transition into a 'force for good'. Today, many companies are in such a transition but are struggling with implementation. Havas Lemz’ CEO Willem van der Schoot explains what’s next.

Why this move?
CEO Willem van der Schoot: "Experience has taught us that a co-creation journey of 100 Days can create a big shift towards more impact. A focused approach to present the company to the market, with new energy and a clear proposition, in the spirit of the times. "

How revolutionary is that internationally?
"With our B Corp certification, we rank among a small group of companies that are considered among the best in the world socially. With a commitment to strive for the greatest possible balance between people, planet and profit. So, B Corp is also about not wasting. Hence the 100 Days, with a focus on energy, trust and results. It creates the freedom to choose the best partners for the stages that follow.”

What happens in those hundred days?
"We use the power of creativity. Daring to dream and then making that explicit through three building blocks: Be, what do you stand for? Do, which behavior does that demand? Say, how do you communicate about that? And - very important - what shift are you going to realize in society? We have developed a co-creation process for this that has proven itself."

Do you have examples?
"We have used this approach over the past three years. This year we won new clients such as IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, Mediq, Pfizer and Timberland. It works and it resonates in the market."

Havas is the sixth largest communications and media conglomerate in the world. What does your radical positioning say about the industry?
"The challenges our clients face are bigger than advertising can solve. At Havas we believe this is the future. For many years, our research study Meaningful Brands proves that the more meaningful companies and brands are, the more they outperform the competition. Fundamentally everyone at Havas is on the same page. Perhaps we are a bit ahead in terms of holistic thinking and the way we do things."

Is this a glimpse of the future for the Havas Group?
"I hope so and I believe so. In Amsterdam we are very committed to demonstrate that this approach works so that other Havas agencies around the world can use the same methodology. It is great that we have full support from the group.”

And after those 100 days, can the customers leave?
"Yes of course, if they want to - but they are very welcome to stay for the next 100 days. And the 100 after that. As long as we make steps in impact.”