Feer McQueen Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month with a Design Competition
Posted on 2020 Nov,14

In these trying times, we know health might not be at the top of one's priorities list. However, October is known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

In order to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Beirut-based agency Feer McQueen has launched a Pinktober campaign with a competition rolled out on the agency social media pages.

Open to everyone, the idea was for creatives to come up with their own interpretation of Pinktober, hence encouraging young talent not only to think for a social cause but also to unleash their creative skills around such an important issue.

The challenge was to trigger awareness about women’s health by showcasing creativity, be it through design, animation, film, or text.

The six winners with attention-grabbing message and overall work that stood out for its quality, relevance, and aesthetic are as follow:

Winners from Feer McQeen

1- Winner - Magaly Al-Hachem - Don't Be Afraid

2- 1st Runner Up - Luciana Hobeika

3- 2nd Runner Up - Natacha Moufawad

Other Winners

1- Winner - Ali Sleiman

2- 1st Runner Up - Nader Abd El Rahim

3- 2nd Runner Up - Diana Melkonian