You Experience gives Toblerone’s latest packs a delicious revamp
Posted on 2024 Jul,02  | By ArabAd's staff

Toblerone, the global chocolate brand known for its distinctive shape as a series of joined triangular prisms, is taking Dubai by storm with a brand-new packaging revamp that boosts visibility in travel retail and turns packaging into a storytelling medium.

In partnership with the creative wizards at You Experience, Toblerone is rolling out exclusive UAE-inspired chocolate packs that are as delicious as they are delightful.

Toblerone’s latest packs are a feast for both the taste buds and the eyes. Local UAE artists have gone cocoa-nuts with their designs, turning each chocolate pack into a mini masterpiece. When the chocolate’s gone, you’re left with a gorgeous poster to hang up, transforming the wrapping into a unique souvenir. Talk about a sweet deal!

Everyone knows Toblerone is the ultimate travel gift (because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolate?).

This campaign takes that love to the next level with designs that capture the essence of Dubai and the UAE.

"Travel retail is a golden opportunity for mainstream brands like Toblerone to elevate their brand image and transform packaging real estate into souvenir-centric storytelling that creates meaning and memories," said Vijay Simon, Chief Creative Officer at You Experience.

This campaign is a milestone marker for the folks at You Experience, especially for their new Creative Director, Tiago Bastos.

“Working at You Experience has been a choco-tastic adventure,” says Tiago. “I joined this amazing team to shake things up, and this Toblerone campaign is just the beginning. We’re on a mission to turn our agency into an award-winning powerhouse. Watch this space! You Experience is a trailblazing advertising agency based in Dubai. With a knack for innovation and a flair for the extraordinary, You Experience is all about creating campaigns that stick (like chocolate on a hot day).”

So next time you’re jetting off, make sure you grab a few of these limited edition Toblerone packs — your relatives will love you even more (if that’s possible).




CEO: Fadi Nakhle

CCO: Vijay Simon

Creative Director: Tiago Bastos

Art Directors: Elie Abou Fadel, Kiran Eapen

Copywriter: Rasmi Thampy

Strategy: Sachin Mendonça, Omar Zain

3D Designer: Prinesh Kizhakkumpad

Video Editor: Badaru Mahamood

Senior Account Director: Zaakesh Mulla

Senior Account Executive: Josmi Thomas