5 Arab YouTubers to Keep an Eye On
Posted on 2019 Mar,29  | By Christina Fakhry

With the rise of video content in recent years, many people from Arab World have found in YouTube an outlet for both self-expression and engaging with the community. We take a look at some of the most memorable Arab YouTubers who have succeeded in building their niche and attracting a loyal fan base along the way.


Fly With Haifa, UAE | 667k subscribers

A passionate traveler and people lover by nature, Dubai-raised Palestinian YouTuber Haifa Beseisso launched her own YouTube channel Fly With Haifa shortly after graduating from the American University of Dubai's digital production and storytelling program. Featuring both guides, vlogs and casual social experiments, the channel aims to celebrate cultural exchange, discover new parts of the world in a personal way and encourage people to follow their dreams. Her fresh and consistent style has attracted a number of brand endorsements along the way from the likes of Canon, Dove, Lipton and Pandora., resulting in 85 percent of her income originating from campaigns.


Rawad Habib, Lebanon | 11k subscribers

A trusted creative director by day, Rawad Habib is one of the rare people who create quality content that is specifically meant for YouTube in Lebanon, where Instagram is much bigger of a trend. His channel is essentially built around personality-based experiences [inspired from the approach of American YouTubers such as Tyler Oakly or Connor Franta] and always features a winning mix of entertainment and practical tips. Marked by meticulous aesthetics, Habib’s content is above all a reflection of his personal growth, evolution and inspiration.


Ebrahim Ramzat, UAE | 61k subscribers

Known to be an ambassador of veganism to the Arab World, Ramzat focuses on providing practical insights to vegans or anyone who’s looking to change their eating habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle, after undertaking his own personal transformation around 10 years ago. But it doesn’t stop here as he also capitalizes on book reviews and travel experiences, which leaves room for more variety.


Ibn Hattuta, Jordan | 116k subscribers

With over 116k subscribers, this young man is your reference when it comes to budget travel and interesting cultural discoveries.  “We travel to rekindle the hope we lost, the hope in people, after being brought apart by policies, governments and media outlets, we travel to be closer to the populations, closer to truth, closer to happiness, closer to who we are,” he wrote of the premise behind his channel.

Maha Jaafar, UAE | 420k subscribers

Originally a Doctor of Dental surgery, this subtle comedian/content-creator from Sudanese-Iraqi origins is on a mission to bring cultures closer all while introducing her own culture to the world. Known for her ability to mimic different Arabic accents, the vlogger successfully juggles her busy dentist career with her comedy pursuits and her videos appeal to young people who find the issues she raises about growing up in the Middle East to be relatable.