WetPaint: Navigating a Sea of Code
Posted on 2014 Jun,17  | By ArabAd staff

ArabAd met with key executives at digital company WetPaint to discuss the services and solutions they are providing for their clients online.

Are brands in the region becoming increasingly comfortable with digital marketing?

In the past few years, the digital realm has rapidly outshone more traditional media forms with indicators depicting that different businesses in general, including banks and real estate companies, have recognised the importance of this form of media. Banks today are heavily developing and investing in smartphone and tablet apps thereby allowing their clientele to carry out all or at least a major chunk of their banking activities online. While some apps teach consumers about money management and more, others invite users to feature-rich Facebook and Twitter pages and attract them with prizes, competitions and lucrative offers. The digital world for real estate allows the arena to reach the audience it wants and provide them with an excellent and enticing visual experience.

Commenting on the subject CEO Saad El Zein said, “Digital marketing is essentially the future of Banking and Real Estate sector. While the effects of traditional media cannot be undermined, digital marketing is growing so rapidly that it has fundamentally become the medium of choice and preferred mode to propagate word of mouth for the current generations and definitely for those to come.” 

Concluding, Managing Partner Roger Kharsa said, “Internet in Banking and Real-Estate has gone from a technical marvel to a business necessity.”


What is WetPaint team made of?

At WetPaint, we believe in sharing your digital journey as partners. By assembling a host of raw talent from the disciplines of strategy, design, development, copywriting, production and many more, we are able to reach beyond mere business requirements and efficiently optimise your online presence. Our team of professionals provides proficient solutions, crafts engaging social media experiences and guides brands through this ever-changing matrix by keeping the right people linked to the right brands.

On that note, Chairman Roger Sahyoun said, “Digital media is omnipresent in this day and age and has rapidly become an ever evolving source of entertainment, information, education and interaction thereby facilitating two-way communication between people and their favourite brands.”


What would you say is your advantage over the competition?

Well navigating the online universe has never been as effortless or enjoyable as it is at WetPaint. We are aware, as are our clients, that the right approach to the new century’s cyberspace is the difference between a crashing meteor and a burning star. Through our personalised approach, we take our clients through the pitfalls and possibilities associated with marketing on the 21st century World Wide Web.


Who would you say are some of your favourite clients?

We fashion genuine relationships with our clients, thus calling them our partners, and aim to venture far beyond their expectations. We handle projects in a variety of industries and work diligently to help brands reach every potential consumer, and overcome complex problems with innovative and digital solutions. We love a challenge, oh yes we do! Our partners include Wmotors, Alcatel, Chivas Regal, Toshiba, Isuzu, Lacnor, The Butcher Shop and Grill, Columbus Café, Rosa Mexicano, Koesbasi, ChoCo’a, and Intercoil….


What are the key ingredients to the success of your team?

From daydreamers and audiophiles to immense hardworkers, we’re a pretty diverse and enthusiastic bunch who happen to share the same passion for creating inventive and novel digital ideas that simultaneously build emotional bonds between our partners and their and consumers.

Sharing his knowledge on the matter, Social Media Manager Saad Naamani said, “I say this in the most positive way - The world of digital can be called an epidemic that finds its cure within itself.”  


WetPaint Team inclues:
Roger Sahyoun (Chairman), Saad El Zein (CEO), Roger Kharsa (Managing Partner), Saad Naamani (Social Media Manager), Nader Dagher (Community Manager), Ghiwa Arnaout (Social Media Executive), Cyrill Reaidy (Social Media Executive), Robert Kharsa (Development Director), Samer Doumit (Art Director) and KelitaRia Ganesh (Copywriter).