Serviceplan Middle East wins Grand prix at WINA 2022
Posted on 2022 Jun,15  | By ArabAd's staff

After two virtual festivals, WINA returned as a physical event, this time in the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

For this edition, all visitors who could not attend the ceremony at the Sheraton Grand Dubai, were able to simultaneously enjoy the broadcast of the ceremony online via YouTube. 

This is the seventh edition of WINA: the global advertising communications festival that rewards the best works of independent multinational agencies and networks.

This year, 195 medals were awarded and there were 56 honorable mentions. 

The shortlist features agencies and independent networks from Spain, Brazil, United States, Nigeria, Costa Rica, Chile, Italy, Ecuador, Germany, Iran, Bolivia, Tunisia, Singapore, Mexico, United Kingdom, Honduras, Portugal, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Morocco, Zambia, Colombia, Australia, Peru, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Poland and Saudi Arabia, among others. 

WINA 2022 awarded 5 Grand Prizes, 33 Gold medals, 66 silver, 91 bronze and 56 honorable mentions to agencies from America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

The Winning Agency and Advertiser of the Year were both from Spain.

Spain is home to the advertiser of the year, Helados Bayarri, thanks to its multi-award-winning campaign “La Venuseta,” and the agency of the year, Rosebud. This honor roll has also featured brands such as 2. McDonald´s, 3. Esfuerzo Ciudadano, 4. BMW, 5. ŠAMAŠ, 6. Kellogg´s and 7. CNIO, among others. 

From the Middle East, Serviceplan Middle East won 1 Grand prix, 2 Gold, 1 Bronze and  one honorable mention for BMW “Museum of Sound” campaign. The agency ranked 7 in WINA 2022 Total agency ranking.

Saudi-based Bold agency won one Silver and  one honorable mention for “Right to Breathe” campaign for Alwaleed philanthropies and the ministry of Health. Agency ranked 46.

Last but not least, Blue Hat agency from Lebanon won 1 Bronze for “MetaMorph: a Beacon of Hope Amid Economic Meltdown” campaign.