The IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame: A Night to Remember
Posted on 2024 Feb,09  | By Ghada Azzi

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Firsts are always memorable. The IAA Lebanon Chapter held its inaugural IAA Hall of Fame on January 27 at Casino du Liban, recognizing Communication professionals not for their rankings or positions but for their ability to transform, pivot, and rewrite the future creatively. And this event was a night to remember.

The gala night brought together over 400 guests to honor luminaries from the advertising, media, and marketing field in Lebanon whose career contributions and impact embody the mission of the IAA-having played a significant role in the advancement of the advertising industry.

Setting the stage for the night was entertainment from CATS Production who belted out famous tunes of old Lebanese commercials taking the audience down memory lane— from the 70s to the 90s— in a hip and pop fashion hence honoring in their own way creativity made during Lebanon’s golden advertising era.

Amid the glitz and glamor of the event, Naji Boulos, IAA President-Lebanon Chapter and the orchestrator of this initiative, addressed the audience with a humbling reminder, “These luminaries have indelibly marked our lives, steering the trajectory of Lebanese and Arab brands, merchants, and industrialists. This evening, we herald creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and the Lebanese genius.”

Boulos, added, “IAA Lebanon is proud to launch the inaugural class of the IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame— 17 trailblazing individuals whose remarkable contributions have left an indelible mark on our advertising landscape. Let their inspiring stories ignite the flame of creativity and innovation as we usher in a new era of brilliance in Lebanese advertising.” 

The honorees and their profiles proved they are all deserving of such a tribute having all challenged the status quo and pushed boundaries to reshape and elevate our industry. 

The IAA Lebanon Hall of Fame Class of 2023 includes: Mustapha Assad, Walid Azzi (1939-2018), Jean-Claude Boulos (1934-2012), Farid Chehab, Antoine Choueiri (1940-2010), Samir Fares (1934-1988), Bernard Fattal (1945-2009), Erwin Guerrovich (1936-2001), Alain Khouri, Akram Miknas, Edmond Moutran (1944-2021), Ramsay G. Najjar (1952-2020), Fouad Pharaon (1904-1967), André Rizk, Ibrahim Tabet, Mounir Takchi (1929-1978), and Ghassan Tueni (1926-2012).

A 50-second video of each of the 17 inductees was screened. Emotion was felt all through the night.

The night ended with  CATS production returning to perform another great set of old commercials. And that was a fitting ending to an illustrious and memorable night.

The event, under the patronage of Choueiri Group, is scheduled to be broadcast on LBCI Saturday, February 10, at 10:00 PM.