George Slim: We are simply struggling to survive
Posted on 2020 Dec,21

George Slim, the CEO of PIMO agency knows he can't surrender. Following the massive explosion of August 4 at Beirut Port, his outlook for the future of his country and the industry became naturally bleaker. Despite it all, he is still hanging on a thin line of hope.

Where were you on August 4 at 6:08 PM?
I was in Ashrafieh, but luckily at the time of the explosion my family and I had just left the house; otherwise, it would have been a disaster, like many unfortunately.

What is your first impression upon seeing the damages and desolating scenery that affected your workspace and Beirut?
At first, I guess you are under shock, and you can’t realize the real impact of all that is happening around. It’s just too much to grasp!
This blast has left too many families broken, too many lives lost… So many people without a roof, without a home; too many people lost their businesses and are trying to cope the best they can to survive and rebuild a life.  
This is what it is! It’s not about rebuilding only material damages. It is about rebuilding our LIVES this time, our trust, hopes, and faith.
How is the morale?

This is a real disaster, with no words too strong to describe. Feelings are just beyond words.

Will you be able to bounce back after the hardship?
For the first time, we are simply struggling to survive, to think, to plan ahead and to restore the tiny hope we still have in Lebanon, which we cannot afford to lose.

Have you already ready resumed work and under what conditions?
We are confronted with a huge challenge that is adding up to the economic crisis that was rising before the blast and the Covid-19 crisis.  
We have to face the current situation; we can’t just surrender.  
What we need now is try to create a “new normal” and find ways to stay positive and still be productive to move forward.  
These challenging times, as always, have taught us to turn negativity into opportunity… We are here to stay and with the support of our colleagues at PIMO, we will continue to serve our partners and produce relevant and REAL work that will make a difference whether in Lebanon or in the region where we are growing our client database.

What’s left when we lost almost everything?
Resilience, hope and perseverance are the way forward.
What remains now? A vision for the future, the envy to keep moving forward, and leave positive footprints, the hope to be able to create a brighter one for our children, and the attachment we still have for Lebanon.

Any additional message you’d like to add?
How long can we keep going? That is the question!