Sincere tributes to Reda Raad, ArabAd Advertising Person of The Year
Posted on 2022 Apr,28

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ArabAd has named Reda Raad, CEO of TBWA\RAAD as the magazine's Advertising Person of the Year 2022. In a special edition of the magazine dedicated to celebrate Reda’s successful career in adland, family, friends and business partners joined in to honor and applaud his achievements. All who have dealt with Reda have nothing but praise about that shared relationship and have showered accolades about his humbleness, dedication and work ethic. What follows are the tribute messages acknowledging this distinguished title and reflecting what Reda is made of.












Ramzi Raad, Chairman, TBWA\Raad


The proudest moment for me is letting Arab Ad readers know that you are my son.

My pride stems – not only – from your being named ArabAd’s ADVERTISING MAN OF THE YEAR; but also, for your continuous stand – closely and boldly – next to me, throughout the buildup of TBWA\RAAD. Even before.

Also, for successfully establishing the TBWA\RAAD presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 2002 when we did not have a single client, in that market.

More so, for grooming close and firm partnerships with our international, regional, and local clients as well as with our many suppliers and stakeholders.

Not forgetting the recognition generated as result of your active role in community and industry affairs, especially your Chairmanship of the Dubai Chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) as well as your leadership responsibility within the International Advertising Association (IAA).

I am also proud of your success in further igniting the flare of TBWA\RAAD’s torch since you took this in your hand back at our 15th Anniversary Celebration, in 2015.

As well as for leading TBWA\RAAD to achieve its bold goals (Most Awarded TBWA agency globally and The No. 1 Agency in the MENA Region), which we had set for ourselves at the Bab Al Shams management retreat in 2009.

My pride stems also from a more important dimension, which is very personal this time. This relates to how you have raised your very dear family of Leanne and Ramzi Jr.

Thank you for making me better understand the Bible that said: “Grand children are the crown of the aged.”(Proverb §7.6)



Rani R Raad, President , CNN Worldwide Commercial

‘I could not be more proud of Reda’s accomplishments and congratulate him on this most prestigious accolade that is so richly deserved. 

It gives me great personal pride to see Reda carrying the torch from our father Ramzi and continuing to raise the bar as the disruptor-in-chief. 

Ramzi is quite rightly recognised as a core pillar of the advertising and creative industry of the Middle East. Today, we can see his legacy, and that of TBWA /Raad, go from strength to strength under Reda’s leadership. ‘



Cem Topçuoğlu, President, International TBWA

‘Reda has been an outstanding and inspiring leader from the moment he took on the role as the CEO of TBWA\RAAD. He was able to create and maintain a fresh and dynamic work environment in a truly challenging and competitive market.

By constantly adding new energy to the team, Reda has sustained a diverse and compelling culture, which sets his agency apart. Not only was he able to add major new clients to an already impressive roster, but Reda’s leadership also contributed to the agile growth of existing clients as well.

His story as well as his achievements prove that he is among the most successful examples of this generation, and I genuinely look forward to seeing how Reda takes this to the next level.’



Troy Ruhanen, President & CEO, TBWA Worldwide

‘Congratulations Reda. A disruptor and an example to us all. Your energy, curiosity, tenacity, and leadership have ushered in an era of extraordinary success for TBWA\RAAD.

By cultivating a culture of excellence, you have helped to establish TBWA\RAAD as not only one of the best agencies in the region, but in the world. Creating an integrated and progressive model with Disruption at its heart that’s the envy of the industry.

For all the success the business has experienced, we admire most the values and characteristics the company has embraced remaining humble yet hungry for more. You have used your place of influence to advance equality within our company, the industry and in the world at large through partnership with our clients. During moments of crisis, you’ve helped our people cope, heal, grow, and come back stronger. We are fortunate to have you at the helm. The Raad legacy has never been brighter.’



Karim Benkirane, Chief Commercial Officer, du

‘I am thrilled to be sharing my warmest congratulations to no other than Mr. Reda Raad himself, for recently being voted as Personality of the Year by ArabAd.

As CEO of TBWA, Reda is decidedly leading the game in today’s advertising world. His unbeatable work ethic and team leadership have continuously been grounded by a sleek implementation, amounting for the most ingenious campaigns ever seen at du.’



Thierry Sabbagh, Managing Director, Nissan Middle East FZE

‘Reda is well-deserving of this accolade, having distinguished himself over the years as a household name in the advertising industry, as well as a leader and visionary in his own right.

Success is not only defined by career achievements, but by the impact a person makes. In Reda’s case, he has had a positive impact on teams, brands and the industry as a whole.

As a veteran of the advertising industry, he has been at the helm of one of the leading agencies in the region, keeping it in the lead, and with that inspiring some of the most leading brands to distinguishing themselves in the market in an era of great challenges.

Having known him for many years, Reda is also a very genuine person, and he makes working with him an enjoyable experience. I have always appreciated his insights and passion for our brand, which has contributed significantly to our success.

I congratulate Reda on being voted Advertising Person of the Year and wish him many more deserved recognitions in the future.’



Issam Kazim, CEO, Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing

‘Reda Raad’s achievements with TBWA/Raad have been nothing short of remarkable, creating and growing a powerhouse in advertising and communications that has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Crucially, he has not only made his mark through the achievements of TBWA/Raad, but also by contributing to the evolution of the sector in Dubai and wider region, driving professionalism and standards through his efforts with the International Advertising Association (IAA) UAE Chapter Board.

Driven by visionary leaders such as Reda, the MENA region is producing some of the most impactful and disruptive advertising in the world. And as we look to consolidate our position as not only a regional but global hub for talent and creativity, he stands as a driver of our collective efforts and an example of excellence.

So, congratulations, Reda, on your journey so far and for being named ArabAd magazine’s Advertising Person of the Year.’



Khaled Rashed AlShehhi, Executive Director New Media and Visual Production, UAE Government Media Office

‘As a CEO, Reda is a businessman but first and foremost he’s an ad man. He remains deeply connected to his teams and their work. He rolls up his sleeves, pulls up a chair and involves himself in the thinking process. True to his roots, he is often part of the creative journey too. I saw this firsthand when we worked together on the Emirates’ Mission to Mars, specifically the launch of the Hope probe and its Mars Orbit Insertion phase. I saw the twinkle in his eyes when we developed these activities, which turned out to be multiple award winners. He’s retained this love for the magic of advertising and creativity that inspires and sustains an agency career.

What he isn’t is a giant confined to his ivory tower, only to come out of it for pitches and industry events. He is present and accessible, a true partner to his clients, providing support where and when it is needed. This, and his talent as a team leader who inspires greatness, makes him a worthy recipient of the Advertising Person of the Year title.’



Salah Yamout, Chief Operating Officer, Arabian Automobiles

‘Heartfelt congratulations to Reda on this fantastic achievement of being voted as the Arab Advertising Person of the Year!

Reda is progressive in his thinking, especially in identifying new emerging trends and positioning his organization strategically towards them.

His creativity and passion in the industry are unparalleled and yet, his greatest quality is the value he places on people and relationships.

Reda develops new insights into situations and applies innovative solutions to make strategic improvements.  He contributes good judgment by providing sound and informed feedbacks and decisions.

Reda is a true leader and I take this opportunity to wish him every success.’



Michel Ayat, CEO, AWR Automotive

‘Progress and ingenuity go hand in hand, especially in an influential city like Dubai, which, under the guidance of its wise leadership, has become a source of global inspiration and a beacon of potential. Such milestones were made possible with the help of visionaries who saw beyond their respective fields, fulfilling their achievements while mentoring their peers on the way forward.

Reda’s selection as Advertising Person of Year comes as no surprise given his impact and influence on regional communication. He helped transform TBWA/RAAD from a traditional, small start-up 16 years ago to one of the leading MENA digital communications groups, earning many agency-of-the-year awards and operating a network of 12 full-service agencies across the Middle East through disruptive, progressive ideas.

It takes dreamers to envision the future of their industries and doers to redefine them. Reda is a culmination of both, playing an instrumental role in identifying consumer behaviours and continuously driving the digital drive to match changing regional environments with utmost excellence.

I look forward to his future contributions to advancing the communication sector and further transforming the journey of Nissan of Arabian Automobiles.’



Ozge Zoralioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC (Yum! Brands)

‘“The mind was dreaming. The world was its dream”. This quote by Jorge Luis Borges is vividly brought to life in the story of Reda Raad who I’ve know for the past three and half years!

Reda’s visionary character, his boundless belief in our dreams and mutual goals, were the reasons behind the proud achievements between TBWA/Raad and KFC.

His drive for success and commitment to excellence to bring those dreams to life has shone through in our true partnership. He is a master of collaboration, and a problem solver per excellence with unmatched humility…

He operates behind the scenes, always with heart, smart, courage and most importantly with full passion in everything that he does!

Thank you Reda for being my partner in crime in good times as well as in very difficult times.

Thank you for always thinking big, dreaming big, believing big and always bringing joy, big!

Congratulations on such a proud and very well-deserved accomplishment!’



Tarun Lal, CEO, KFC

‘Reda Raad has been our agency partner for the last three and a half years and has been much more than simply leading an agency/client relationship but really a true partnership.

He has strategically breathed into our business through this time, rolling rocks out of the way and creating creative magic en-route. Our incredible success over the last few years, is absolutely also Reda and his agency’s success.

What makes Reda’s leadership and partnership unique is his unfailing commitment to helping us as a “client” achieve targets.

He is the driving force behind TBWA/Raad delivering truly world class creative and disruptive ideas, unafraid to roll up his sleeves and jump in to achieve our mutual goals.

Congratulations on this very well deserved recognition Reda.



Emma Cantwell, Director of Marketing & Communications, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence

‘Reda is a dreamer and it is contagious – you can see this in the way he inspires his agency to operate but also in the great work they do for clients. He supported me in my capacity leading the Marketing and Communications at Louvre Abu Dhabi – we opened a modern marvel to the world with stunning campaigns that we were memorable, (cited by international press such as The Guardian), driving results and winning awards. But above all, he was human – you could feel that he ‘felt’ the downs and boy did we celebrate the ups. What an ‘up’ for you to celebrate Reda.

Congratulations. Chapeau.’



Ramez Shehadi, President Intl. & Chief Growth Officer of REEF (ex- MENA Managing Director of Meta)

The ArabAd Person of the Year Award is a tremendous achievement and milestone reserved for those very few stand-out leaders and game-changers. What Reda Raad and his TBWA team have been able to do, not only in terms of navigating the many market uncertainties and complexities, but to also further drive innovation, public discourse on social equity, and enablement of lifelines for small businesses throughout the region, is evidence of this verdict. And while this award recognizes achievements and impact over a fixed period, some of us have seen him in action and known him well beyond and attest that indeed he is man for all seasons.

Congratulations and best wishes for the adventures yet ahead!