‘Good Taste with a Twist’: a new colourful campaign for 1664 Blanc by Fold7 that brings back the style and intrigue of Rue 1664
Posted on 2024 Apr,26  | By ArabAd's staff

Creative agency, Fold7, has launched the latest major global campaign for Carlsberg Group’s 1664 Blanc 'Good Taste with a Twist', forming part of the brand's global growth strategy. 

1664 Blanc embarks audiences on a colourful adventure that takes them back to the style and intrigue of Rue 1664, the Parisian Street where playful surprises are found around every corner.

The campaign features a film called “The Shortcut,’ which was produced on the world’s first fully 360 digital stage, with Copenhagen based film production company, KIND.

The film draws inspiration from art and design, showcasing the brand’s unique modern Francophile values in the galleries and apartments – and even on the balconies – where the residents enjoy a journey of discovery and surprises. 1664 Blanc’s favourite French Bulldog is also featured, sporting his signature blue accessories. 

As part of a multi-channel and multi-market delivery, Fold7 has created a global toolkit, with a diverse array of assets for digital, social, print and OOH.

Digital assets are designed to drive engagement in their native channels by using elements of the channel interface, for example prompting the viewer to tap the screen to instigate the next part of the story, or to gamify the experience by tapping to pin the blue moustache on the Frenchie.

Nikola Maravic, Global Marketing Director for 1664, said: “Shooting on a digital stage gave us a great deal of flexibility, as well as authenticity which was key to the campaign - feeling as though we’re in Paris elevates the visuals to another level. The ability to use the set for digital and social assets also allowed us to elevate the campaign beyond traditional channels”.

John Yorke, Creative Director at Fold7 said: “The virtual production approach allowed us to build the perfect Paris and then seamlessly layer in playful twists that can't exist in the real world. The result is a delicious amuse bouche that draws you into the world of 1664 Blanc."

Over the course of 2024 and 2025, the campaign will run in up to 40 markets, including UK, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland,China & Hong Kong,South Korea, Malaysia,Vietnam, with the full toolkit allowing different markets to choose which assets and touchpoints to roll-out, and when. 




Creative Agency - Fold7 

Creative Director : John Yorke 

Creatives: Chris Bennett; David O’Brien

Chief Strategy Officer: Yelena Gaufman

Business Director : Stuart Lundy

Account Manager : Ellise Logan 

Agency Producer (AV): Emily Hendrey

Agency Producer (KV): Emily Henderson


Production Company - KIND

Director: Tim Erem

DOP: Rasmus Videbæk

Photographers: Sam Hofman; Tom Van Schelven

Producers: Søren Engberg; Kate Kagawa

Editors: Magnus Jönsson; Adam Nielsen         

Post Production : Welcome Post

Sound Design : Chemistry Sound / Kevin Koch

Music: Supreme Music 

Composer: Florian Lakenmacher