Al-Futtaim Lexus’ Ramadan film focuses on thoughtfulness and meaningful connections
Posted on 2023 Apr,11  | By ArabAd's staff

Memac Ogilvy & Al-Futtaim Lexus saw an opportunity to own thoughtfulness and celebrate the time and effort that people in the UAE put into Ramadan each year.

They found a parallel between the Japanese philosophy of Omotenashi, a Lexus principle that promotes wholeheartedly looking after guests and the kind actions undertaken every Ramadan in an effort to show you care. This was the start of their Ramadan brand platform, Discover A World Of Thoughtfulness, that set out to inspire thoughtfulness through heartfelt storytelling and communication.

At the centre of this Ramadan film, a simple yet heart-warming story showcases the thoughtful actions of three different families, as they aim to safely transport their own dish for a special Iftar meal with grandpa. 

The film highlights the thoughtful consideration each family shows, as they utilise various features on their Lexus vehicles to ensure their dishes get to the family home in one piece. 

Each family member plays a unique role in delivering their dish and there’s an emotional undertone in how it all comes together at the end. 

The film beautifullly captures how thoughtfullness is what the holy month is all about in a seamless storyline that puts Lexus at the heart of the journey. 



Saad Abdullah, General Manager - Marketing at Al-Futtaim Motors said: “Our aim was to tell a simple story about a customary Ramadan family reunion, emphasizing the significance of meaningful connections with loved ones with a humorous twist at the end.

Our film aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the traditions and values that define the spirit of this month and we were happy to work with our partners at Memac Ogilvy to find a natural way to feature our range of beautiful Lexus vehicles, including the All-New Lexus RX in our storytelling”.

The platform shows off various Lexus models and their corresponding features and most importantly shows consumers how by simply behaving with thoughtful concern for others, a better future is possible for all.




Al-Futtaim – Lexus
General Manager Marketing – Al-Futtaim Motors – Toyota and Lexus: Saad Abdullah

Senior Digital Marketing Manager – Al-Futtaim Automotive – Lexus: Alaa Tarawneh

Senior Marketing Manager – Al-Futtaim Motors – Lexus: Lara Ayoub Agha
Senior Product Marketing Manager – Al-Futtaim Motors – Lexus: Zeeshan Gaus

Marketing Manager – Al-Futtaim Motors – Lexus: Hossam Mahgoub

Marketing Executive – Al-Futtaim Motors – Lexus: Princess Rose Viajar

Memac Ogilvy
Creative Director:
Jean-Pierre De Villiers
Art Director: Leomerish Leyco
Art Director: Brinda Singala
Art Director: Cesar Batuista
Senior Visualizer: Andre Souza

Head of Arabic: Shadi Kharmacho

Arabic Copywriter: Zaid Salama

English Copywriter: Aakash Dalwadi

Senior Strategist: Elias Karam

Group Account Director: Kevin Kurian

Account Director: Alaa Nour

Account Director: Johan Dsouza

Senior Account Executive: Nicole Correia

Director: Henri Barges

Executive Producer: Elsa El Amm

DOP: Eugenio Galli Sasc

Art Director: Stefan Duering

Wardrobe Stylist: Micaela Cigala

Make Up Artist: Hani Kleib

Casting Director: Mia Deaibes

Production Manager: Loulla Aoun

Production Coordinator: Tamara Ghrawi

Assistant Director: Regine Tamba

Focus Puller: Ghattas Antoury

Gaffer: Elie Kolko

Key Grip: Remon Awny

Post Production: Lucid