Grey Colombia turns Pringles cans into a microphone amplifier & streaming device
Posted on 2023 Sep,27  | By ArabAd's staff

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In the midst of the gaming world's explosive growth, witnessing a staggering 117% surge in video game streaming on Twitch and a 118% rise on Facebook Gaming in 2021, Pringles enters the scene as a strategic ally. With gaming enthusiasts investing over $100 billion in streaming accessories, the quest for unique content has become paramount. 

Against this backdrop, the potato chips brand introduces a game-changing concept: The All-New Pringles Original Gamer's Limited Edition Microphone Amplifier & Streaming Device All-In-One Can Pack. A genius idea that allowed Pringles to connect with streamers authentically and naturally, taking part in their daily lives through a branded microphone, which coincidentally happens to have the same shape and dimensions as the Pringles can.

This innovation transcends being a mere accessory; it's an embodiment of Pringles' dedication to enhancing the gaming experience. 

Seamlessly transforming its iconic can into a microphone amplifier, Pringles acknowledges the evolving aspirations of gamers – to not just play, but to create captivating content. 

Taking advantage of the alliance with Free Fire, the renowned popular game, Pringles in collaboration with its agency Grey Colombia, hacked the cylindrical shape of the cans with some stickers and instructions inserted inside. The transition was facilitated by subtle yet effective stickers and micro-perforations, optimizing sound transmission to headphones and creating a semi-professional acoustic environment that resonates with the needs of gamers.

Beyond its hardware evolution, this concept encapsulates the spirit of community. Pringles recognizes that gamers are influencers, storytellers, and trendsetters. In a gesture of authenticity and camaraderie, these limited edition packs found their way to influential gaming figures, amplifying their voices within the gaming universe.

Around 300 kits were made and were distributed among the users of different influencers/streamers who helped share the idea, including Samy Rivers, the most prominent female streamer in the world today. They were completely free, and the invitation was for everyone to make it at home with their Pringles cans. So it could cost as little as approximately $2.36, while a decent microphone typically starts at around $100!.

Currently, people are requesting to upload their videos using the Pringles can as a microphone and create content with it!

In essence, Pringles not only embraced gaming but also empowered gamers to amplify their impact, bridging the gap between snacking and extraordinary gaming moments.





Agency: Grey Colombia/Mexico

Clients: Pringles LATAM - Omar Carrión - Norberto Guevara

President / Chief Creative Officer LATAM: Diego Medvedocky

President / Chief Creative Officer: Juan Jose Posada / Luis Gaitán

Chief Executive Officer: Jorge Serrano

Group Business Director MX: Myrna Pena 

Account Executive MX: Cinthya Saldivar 

General Creative Director: Sebastián Benítez González

Creative Director: Oscar "Palomo" Muñoz

Copywriters: Camilo Garzón Rengifo, Sebastián Benítez González

Art Directors: Charles Andara Soto, Oscar "Palomo" Muñoz

Townhouse Postproduction:  Cristian Garzón - Andrea García - Mauricio Castañeda

3D  Development: Ovni Studio