Horizon FCB shows in new film the role Lipton tea plays in Ramadan gatherings
Posted on 2024 Mar,14  | By ArabAd's staff

From Iftar to Suhoor, gatherings keep going with every sip, dip and cup of Lipton Tea. A new film ‘Wanasa Mkamela’, developed by the team at Horizon FCB, takes you on a flavourful trip that makes the Ramadan moments last longer.

Lipton has joined forces with Horizon FCB Dubai to launch a fresh and upbeat new Ramadan campaign. This year’s film, accompanied by a suite of digital and social assets, brewed this season’s essence: extended nights and the joy of togetherness.

As the iftar comes to an end, a simple cup of Lipton tea becomes the catalyst for transformation. And the debut of the film...

What begins as a quiet after iftar moment soon blossoms into an animated gathering, reflecting the insight that tea can extend the evening, enhancing all reunions and making them more memorable.

With every dip of Lipton tea, the gathering keeps growing: friends & family come together to watch their favorite Ramadan shows, to eat popular Ramadan sweets or just to hangout after iftar, or unite around the lively clatter of baloot card games, keeping the spirit alive until the early hours, culminating in Suhoor. It’s fun for everyone, all night long and the house comes alive with the vibrant scenes of Ramadan – all while enjoying a Lipton tea in hand.


Horizon FCB Dubai's deep understanding of the Gen Z demographic, coupled with their extensive knowledge of Saudi culture and market, has been instrumental in crafting the campaigns tagline, “Wanasa Mkamela”,  a vernacular Arabic that literally translates to "gatherings on the go".

Such a punchline is definite to resonate with youthful audiences while honoring the traditions of Ramadan.

At the same time, the agency’s approach ensured that while the campaign speaks to a younger audience, it also maintains a universal appeal, keeping all other target  demographics engaged in the celebration of togetherness that Lipton tea invokes.

"The connection with Lipton was instant and the collaboration felt like a natural result to the chemistry we had with the client and the understanding we shared on the brand," said Reham Mufleh, Managing Director at Horizon FCB Dubai. "Our work with Lipton goes beyond advertising – it's about creating a never finished space for Lipton in Ramadan."

Directed by Omar Shawky and produced by the globally recognized production company Good People based in Egypt, the campaign film is steeped in authenticity and warmth with a modern touch on top.




Lipton team :

Marketing Director Lipton Tea & Infusions - North Africa Middle East: Ozge Onur

Head of Digital, Content & Performance Marketing: Carla Lazkani

Brand Manager: Haris Ali


Horizon FCB Dubai team:

CEO : Mazen Jawad

Managing Director :  Reham Mufleh

Executive Creative Director : Mohamed Bareche

Associate Creative Directors : Thomas Gheorghiu and Bassam Doss

Senior Art Director : Ahmed Montaser

Agency producers : Hicham Soubra, Mariam Adel Awad, Antoine Nassif

Account Director : Sarah Cartier

Motion designer : Mohamed Ibrahim





Together they built a narrative that captures the spirit of Ramadan and the role of Lipton tea in extending these special moments.