Publicis sends its One-to-One Wishes to each and every member of its team
Posted on 2024 Jan,16  | By ArabAd's staff

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It was a year of firsts for Publicis Groupe – first on organic growth, first on all financial KPIs, first on new business, first on ESG, to become first in the industry in terms of market value. Therefore, to celebrate all these amazing achievements, the company wanted to thank its people first.

“We wanted to put our people first, and thank them one by one, for helping us to secure the #1 spot in 2023”, reads the Groupe’s press statement. 

So instead of kicking off 2024 with what has become the trademark New Year’s Wish film, the agency decided there will be 100,000 of them. One for every member of the Publicis team.

In a first-of-its-kind experiment in pushing the boundaries of AI video, storytelling and personalization at scale, Arthur’s usual New Year’s message to the group took an unusual turn when he’s joined by his AI twin, the AI Directoire+ and AI Maurice.

With plenty of information about their people gathered through the Groupe’s platform Marcel, everyone who works at Publicis and who has contributed to the agency’s growth and success, has been sent a personalized thank you that is relevant to their interests and passions. Along the way, Carla, Dave, Agathe, Nigel and even Maurice seem to have picked some surprising new skills.


To see how the One-to-One Wishes match the right language, the right leader, and the right interests, to the right person, across 100,000 films, here are 5 examples:


Carla & Arthur thank Eva, a sport-loving Groupe Managing partner living in Austria. 


Maurice and Arthur thank Gabi, an adventure-seeking Business Lead from Sao Paulo. 


Nigel and Arthur thank Youri, a Publicis Sapient designer originally from Seoul, who is inspired by dance, gymnastics, and the arts. 


Agathe and Arthur thank Laure, a multi-lingual People Experience Director based in Paris, with a passion for video games, and the great outdoors.


Dave and Arthur thank Tony, an EVP at Publicis Media, living in Canada, who loves travel, water sports and parkour.