Serviceplan Middle East sets the tone in BMW XM ‘Story of an Enigma’ campaign
Posted on 2024 Feb,02

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Serviceplan Middle East has recently developed and launched BMW XM ‘Story of an Enigma’, an online and social media campaign filmed from an unusual perspective. 

The star of the film is an enigmatic character, whose personality is revealed through a series of interview clips where ‘his’ inner circle describes his personality.

“If you think he’s good with people, you should see him with horses”, “he doesn’t do off the shelf”, “If he did hair, I’d only trust him to cut it” are some of the quotes we hear about the enigmatic central character. 

The denouement reveals that the car gliding through the desert during the ad is the enigma, with a tagline asking  ‘what’s the XM side of you’.

Serviceplan Middle East Executive Creative Director Nishant Shah comments: “BMW XM has a big personality. One that’s readily charming, but also mysterious in equal parts. It’s an enigma. It’s a vibe. With all its tastefully put together bells and whistles; lights and leather. The XM is effortlessly charismatic and fashionably misunderstood.

Just like some of the people we know or have heard about — the elusive ones. Their legends precede them. Everyone has a story about them. Some real, some others made up.

So we decided to go on a hunt for one such imaginary tastemaker; piecing together their lore with personal accounts and stories told by their inner circle. Is this a phantom creature, or based on a real person? Is it a documentary, or inspired by true events? We cannot confirm nor deny. The same for his posse. The only thing we know for sure, is that he doesn’t buy shoes off-the-shelf.”

The campaign rolled out on TIKTOK, Instagram and online. 




Team – Serviceplan Middle East

Managing Partner - Natalie Shardan

Client Services Director – Rawida Saade

Business Director – Karim Mroueh

Head of Strategy - Frances Bonifacio

Chief Creative Officer - Akhilesh Bagri

Executive Creative Director - Nishant Shah

Creative Director - Andre Couto

Associate Creative Director - Kenneth Barnes

Associate Creative Director - Aashna Gopalkrishnan

Arabic Copywriter - Nehal Salah

English Copywriter – Zein Sadedin

Associate Creative Director - Rana Ahmad

Senior Arabic Copywriter – Fatimah Sanba

Digital Art Director – Yasir Ali

Studio Finalizer – Noushad Palempadiyan

Senior Account Manager - Gonca Gorgulu

Account Manager - Tania Zebian

Agency Producer - Geetika Sood

Team – Boomtown

Director: Hadi
DOP: Grimm Raoul
Production: Boomtown Productions
Executive Producer: Shane Martin
Executive Producer: Bruce Macdonald
Producer: Luke Morcos 
1st AD: Michael Alan Hoyte
Editor: Mannu Singh/Javier Ramos
Colorist: Pana Argueta
Online: Suresh Nair
Sound Design: MangoJam
Production Manager: Georges Khalaf
Prod Coordinator: Kim Mantua
Prod Coordinator: Ben Besmonte
Prod Coordinator: Walid Wazir
Focus Puller: Matthew Macdonald
2nd AC: Rian McLoughlin
Sound Engineer: Simon Charles
DIT: Saul Barran
HMUA: Merve Cangokce
Wardrobe Stylist: Celia Jane Ukwenya
Wardrobe Assistant: Sarah Manaal
Art Director: Jing Jacinto
Props Master: Tamaryn Baker
Arabic Consultant: Shemsah Musabih