Zain sends powerful political message in new advertising film
Posted on 2018 May,17  | By ArabAd staff

Zain, the Kuwaiti telecoms company, has addressed for this year's Ramadan, a message of hope through an advertising film featuring a young refugee boy singing to the world’s most powerful leaders, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel.

The film illustrates the world today, with all the events and crises happening on a global level, through the eyes of a little boy who decides to address various world leaders capable of influencing the situations and changing things.

In the first scene, the young boy wishes Trump "Ramadan Kareem" and invites him to iftar at his house, provided "he can find it in the debris.”

In the closing scene, the boy and girl walk hand in hand towards Al Aqsa Mosque, accompanied by six men representing the six leaders of the GCC countries.

This is a journey of troubles, pain, and bitterness, out of which emerges a powerful message of hope. 

The film aims at reaching the hearts of the viewers but also the leaders in charge, in the hope of sparking a needed positive change for the future.