Maya Toutoungi of JoeFish: ‘Nothing normal about the new normal’
Posted on 2024 Mar,29

Maya Toutoungi, Creative Director at Beirut-based independent creative agency Joefish, explores the biggest trends affecting marketing practices in 2024 and other factors that will necessitate agencies to recalibrate their modus operandi.


'In the dynamic landscape of our industry, the winds of change have blown vigorously, with artificial intelligence merely being a notable gust. Sure, AI is a game-changer and is proving to be a valuable tool to many businesses, facilitating, enhancing and improving tasks on so many levels, but the real big shift is all about the people. 

Mindsets, behaviors, and attitudes have undergone a profound transformation, pivoting towards the individualistic. Today, it's more about the “me” than the “we”, specifically with the so-called “GEN-Z”. It's all about their personal well-being, their comfort, and their life balance with a lot of “my, my, my”…

This shift has completely changed how agencies like ours operate. Between the mindset of the new generation from one side and the clients from the other, we find ourselves torn between two entities who exhibit a penchant for squeezing value down to the last dime.

Is this the new norm? There's nothing normal about the new normal; it's an adaptation phase, one we hope proves transitory.

The escalating competition for consumers’ attention, the race for new clients and top talents, coupled with daily uncertainties locally and globally, necessitate agencies to recalibrate their modus operandi. Navigating adeptly through these challenges demands a delicate balance between innovation and ethics, between trying new things and doing things right, ensuring our relevance not only to the industry but also to ourselves and the people we collaborate with.'